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Laughing Yoga is Back!

So, here I am looking at the latest Yoga gadgets and somebody created a “chakra opener.” I’ve seen some fancy wine bottle openers, but let’s be honest – Do you really think it works? I would have called it, Sanjeev’s EZ-Open Chakra Opener, but I’d make no guarantees as to what it would do to anybody.

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Yoga: Will It Still Be Popular in the 21st Century?

As with any type of physical exercise, Yoga has numerous health benefits. Increased flexibility and muscle, cardio endurance, and circulatory health are among the few benefits of this practice. Enhance metabolism and improved respiration are also beneficial. Interestingly, the practice of Yoga requires individuals to concentrate deeply on correcting poses and positions. As a result, most individuals do not feel as though they are working out and increases the likelihood of continued physical activity.

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Why Is Yoga So Popular?

Since it does not involve lifting free weights or running for extended periods of time, some do not think of Yoga as a substantial physical activity. However, the most impressive aspect of this practice is that it can be altered to meet the needs of any aspiring Yogi. From the simple cat pose to the most difficult forearm-stand scorpion, yoga evolves to each individual’s fitness level.

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Yoga as an Art of Living

“Mudras, or hand positions, work with the natural energy vortices located in the palms of the hands and fingers. When we place the fingers together to create certain shapes, we redirect this energy back into the body. Think of it as creating antennae with your hands. Mudras can bring focus and attention to certain areas of the body through breath awareness, they can also have an immediate effect on the emotions. They and may not be felt as strongly as the asanas. However, the practice is very valuable and can bring us more in tune with the inner workings of our mind, body, and emotions.”

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Beginner Yoga – Studio Etiquette

While many students attend class after work, the perfumes and lotions that remain on their skin are often distracting during class. Some students have allergic reactions, headaches, or other sensitivities as a result of strong smells, and the best practice is to just skip the scents on the days when you attend yoga class. For the benefit of all, students who do not believe in bathing should not be admitted to a yoga class.

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Running a Yoga Studio

As previously mentioned, hard work is a critical factor in a yoga studio’s success. If you want your yoga studio to survive, you will have to be open long hours to give your students as many opportunities as possible to attend class. This means that you need to open early in the morning so students can come in before work.

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Power Yoga – Rejuvenate Your Mind, Body and Soul

Power yoga is becoming extremely popular these days and it is the modern version of the traditional yoga postures. Yoga can help you to achieve physical fitness as well as mental wellness. People who want to loose weight can also try out the power yoga techniques in order to burn out the extra calories. Since ancient times, yoga has played a significant role in achieving better mind, body and health.

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Teaching Sitting Postures of Hatha Yoga

The sitting postures of Hatha Yoga are important as ideal postures for a correct practice of Pranayama and meditation, apart from limbering legs and hips, strengthening the back and improving the posture. They are the most efficient postures of the body to allow psychophysical energy to flow freely with maximum relief of tension.

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Common Yoga Student Misalignments

Yoga has been known to improve flexibility, strengthen muscles, and enhance balance. However, if practiced incorrectly yoga can do more damage to the body than good. Misaligned poses can lead to injuries ranging from aching joints to pulled muscles. “Yoga injuries are often a result of not knowing or realizing your body’s limitations.”

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