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Laughing Yoga is Back!

yoga teacherBy Sanjeev Patel, CYT 500

Firstly, I want to thank the readers for complaining about my technical writing assignments. I like laughing and I like to make people laugh. Paulji has the best of intentions, but I wonder if technical writing is for me. I was getting depressed while researching Yoga for depression. I felt like I was living in a Seinfeld episode, Bizarro World, or like a fish out of water.  Did any Yoga teacher training course prepare me for this?

It seems like my natural place in the writing world might not be technical Yoga. Maybe my niche is in editorial Yoga writing or teaching people to laugh in a Yoga class. Technical Yoga research and writing isn’t that funny, but it is important. Maybe, when I grow up, I’ll stop laughing and become a serious Yogi.

So, here I am looking at the latest Yoga gadgets and somebody created a “chakra opener.” I’ve seen some fancy wine bottle openers, but let’s be honest – Do you really think it works? I would have called it, Sanjeev’s EZ-Open Chakra Opener, but I’d make no guarantees as to what it would do to anybody.

McDonald’s made hot coffee and somebody sued them for it. What if this gadget gets into the hands of somebody who believes it works? What if somebody imagines the chakra opener caused them to have a chakra awakening? What would come out of this? Could the chakra opener drive me stark raving mad? Could my Ajna chakra open enough to let a pack of monkeys out of my mind?

You think I’m pulling your leg, right? This chakra opener is real and it’s called “The Hexbeamer.” From what I can tell, it costs $100 plus shipping. It’s supposed to have your Chakras tingling like you’re in a Hot Reiki session, without the thrill of 105 degrees Fahrenheit, and maybe every chakra will open all at once! This gadget is supposed to heal you by using Electromagnetic waves.

Is there a guarantee? It has a 30 day guarantee, so I’m seriously thinking about buying one. Will it affect my Yoga writing in the future? Maybe, but I remember when people thought I was crazy for spending so much on a Manduka mat. That mat has taken a beating on sand, cement, and asphalt. I bet you could drag one for years if you attach it to your rear bumper.

If anyone knows more about this Chakra opener, please leave comments at the bottom of this page. As for my writing: I guess it’s destiny for me to get out of the technical Yoga writing, but this is my style. Thanks for your comments.

Hari Om Tat Sat

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