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The Perfect Yoga Studio

Think about the design of the studio. Where will students in the next class wait for the previous one to get out? Where will they put their shoes and personal belongings while in class? How much of a reception area will your studio need? Do you plan to use software when scheduling classes, or are the doors open wide to all comers?

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Teaching Yoga for Student Safety

Student safety is obviously an important aspect regarding Yoga instructor training and education. After all, there are many different physical styles, from Hatha to Bikram, and they each have their own risks. A Yoga teacher should be well trained so that he or she can observe the students and help to prevent injury or exacerbate old ones.

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Yoga After 50 Years of Age

As a Yoga teacher, you will often be faced with new people in your class that may be skeptical as to the restorative powers of Yogic techniques. Although it is not your job to convince them and convert them, you can help lead them in the right direction. There’s no doubt that the practice of asana, meditation and pranayama can help people, no matter what age they are.

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Teaching Private Yoga Sessions: Pranayama for Stress

When taking your yoga certification course, you might not expect so many people to be stressed out. If you’ve been practicing yoga techniques for years, you might not feel the level of anxiety that you see in others. Regardless of how you handle daily problems, some people are walking an emotional tight rope, while they are barely managing to maintain their sanity.

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