Yoga: Will It Still Be Popular in the 21st Century?

Yoga: Will It Still Be Popular in the 21st Century?

yin yoga teacher training courseBy Kimaya Singh

What makes a preventative health system so popular and will it continue into this century? There are many good reasons why yoga is becoming a leading form of exercise these days. Yoga does not just work the body; it is exercise for the mind and spirit as well. Yoga promotes a balanced life so that everything – the body, the mind and the spirit – can be improved. There are millions of practitioners leading healthier, happier and more balanced lives because of yoga.

The Increase

In today’s fast paced world, yoga offers people many unique benefits. There has been a steady increase in the popularity of this ancient form of exercise since the 1960s. Far from a passing fad, yoga has proven itself to be a valuable practice that can help people in many different walks of life. What are some of the reasons for yoga’s enduring popularity?

A Natural Way to Reduce Stress

A yoga class is a healthy and natural way to relax and overcome stress. Yoga combines many of the benefits of vigorous physical exercise with meditation. It encourages practitioners to focus their minds, breathe deeply, and give their bodies a complete workout. Even a short session can be helpful for providing stress relief.

Yoga can also be helpful for people dealing with depression and other mood disorders. A 2012 study conducted by the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at the Duke University School of Medicine concluded that “There is emerging evidence from randomized trials to support popular beliefs about yoga for depression, sleep disorders and as an augmentation therapy.”

A Holistic Workout

Yoga provides a more thorough type of workout than many other forms of exercise. For example, most aerobic and strength training workouts focus on a particular part of the body. Yoga, on the other hand, works on flexibility, endurance and strength. This will vary, of course, depending on the style of yoga and which poses or routines are done. However, the overall intent of yoga is to treat the body as a whole.

Supports a Healthy Immune System

Yoga postures are beneficial for circulation throughout the body. Stretching and contracting muscles stimulates the lymphatic system, which is essential for detoxing the body and fighting infection and inflammation. All yoga exercises cause the blood to flow to all of the body’s organs and extremities. Advanced poses, such as headstands and shoulder stands, are especially beneficial in that they promote better circulation to the brain and heart. Yet even beginner’s yoga classes stimulate healthy circulation throughout the body. Yoga has many benefits, including physical, emotional and spiritual. People can choose the type of practice that best supports their needs and goals.

The Benefits of Yoga’s Popularity

As an ancient Indian practice, Yoga was once practiced as a form of spiritual discipline and transformation. Although the physical poses and postures of this historically spiritual practice make it challenging, Yoga was derived from the attempt to understand the world through prayer and meditation. 

How Did Yoga Gain Popularity?

Though Yoga was introduced into the world thousands of years ago, the core concepts of this practice have not varied far from the original intent. Focus on relaxation, exercise, breathing, meditation, and diet are all key components of this harmonious system.

Increasing economic hardships and elevated levels of stress have encouraged many to seek out methods of coping with these daily struggles. Hollywood’s elite, actors/actresses, and singers began using Yoga as a way to alleviate stress and gain inner strength. As with most other trends, Yoga began to spread across the nation. Seemingly it provided a solution to similar problems in homes of middle class Americans, too.

As the demand for Yoga classes, that provided instruction on mastering poses and key components of various positions increased, private studios and community gym classes began popping up to meet the demands of Yoga-enthusiasts.

Health Benefits of Yoga

As with any type of physical exercise, Yoga has numerous health benefits. Increased flexibility and muscle, cardio endurance, and circulatory health are among the few benefits of this practice. Enhance metabolism and improved respiration are also beneficial. Interestingly, the practice of Yoga requires individuals to concentrate deeply on correcting poses and positions. As a result, most individuals do not feel as though they are working out, which increases the likelihood of continued physical activity.

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  1. Yoga has many benefits, including physical, emotional and spiritual and people can choose the type of practice that best supports their needs and goals so I think the yoga will be most popular exercise in 21 century in all over the world surely.

  2. Yoga provides a more thorough type of workout than many other forms of exercise and the overall intent of yoga is to treat the body as a whole so its naturally gain its popularity.

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