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Stress Management:

Discover how to put stress behind you with the many aspects of Yoga. Learn to deal with everyday stress before it kills you. In fact, many ailments are stress related and Yoga is a great solution for stress.

Vinyasa Yoga:

Get a great “workout” with one of the best cross training methods on earth. Vinyasa Yoga is Yoga in motion, giving you strength, flexibility, balance, and it is also a low-impact aerobic exercise. There are very few exercise methods as complete as Vinyasa Yoga.

Holistic Life Coaching:

Get a handle on your life, your weight, and your frame of mind. We will look at all aspects of your daily life and find reasonable solutions to make sure you are in the best shape you could possibly be.

Restorative Yoga:

These sessions consist of holding Yoga postures. You will be taught how and when to use props for better alignment. This Yoga system will enable you to gain strength, maintain your spine, and improve your flexibility.


This is a complete exercise system. Firming and toning the entire body. Pilates is best known for developing firm abdominal muscles, but that is an understatement. Pilates will firm you up from head to toe and can be modified for the client.

Weight Resistance Training:

Do you want personal fitness training outside of a gym atmosphere? There are no distractions within our personal training sessions and you receive the one-to-one attention you deserve. We will look at your goals and go after them.

Complete Body Shaping:

Get fit by using Yoga, Pilates, Martial Arts, Aerobic Work, and Weight Resistance methods. This is a complete body sculpting session.

Yoga Teacher Internships:

Yoga teacher interns can get contact hours and learn any aspect of Hatha Yoga that will increase your teaching knowledge.

Yoga Teacher Mentoring:

If you want to become a Yoga teacher, but just don’t have the time to leave your job or family for a month, we can personalize your Yoga teacher training. You will learn from the same syllabus as our regular on-site Yoga teacher training with Paul Jerard. You will get private mentoring, learn to teach Yoga, and get your contact hours. Whether you are looking to expand your teaching knowledge, or are seeking a 200 hour Yoga teacher training program, our yoga workshop is a custom tailored program for anyone seeking to teach Yoga.

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