Teaching Yoga Asanas to Runners

This Yoga asana stretches out the entire front side of the body. It is also very effective for releasing tension in the front of the thighs, an area that can become quite contracted from running. To practice Dancer Pose, stand at the top of your Yoga mat and take a few deep breaths.

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Meditation for Controlling Emotional Flow

Many studies have proved meditation as being able to severely cut stress in one’s life. Stress, as you already know, can block the way to positive thinking and damage every aspect of your life. Practicing deep breathing techniques, during meditation, can help you achieve a level of calm that stress cannot alter. Even after the end of your meditation session, try to hold on to that feeling of calm, as you live your life and return to it, if you ever find yourself in a stressful situation. Use those meditative, deep breathing techniques, while in a tough situation, to avoid negative emotions surfacing in your mind.

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