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Aura Mission Statement

Aura Mission Statement

  • To enhance the Yoga community through the positive personal development of our training.
  • To provide a safe haven of positive energy and support for our students’ mental and physical growth.
  • To provide inspiration of personal excellence, in and out of the Yoga training studio.
  • To provide legendary service to both our Yoga students and members of our Yoga Teacher Training Program.
Vrksasana - Aura Mission Statement

Benefits for Teachers and Students

A mission statement is worthless unless it is put into practice. Responsible instructors want to learn, know, and apply the safest possible methods for creating lesson plans and teaching effective Yoga sessions. Subjects, within our courses, are expanded upon – as new knowledge about anatomy, kinesiology, physiology, sports medicine, and student safety becomes available. Teaching skills are enhanced through constant study, practice, and application.

Aura Wellness Center’s websites, instructor training intensives, continuing education programs, and specialist Yoga training courses are provided as resources, for all teachers, for the improvement of classes and to raise the bar for student safety standards. With the help of the Internet, we will continue to improve our methods and manage to establish a worldwide network. As Yoga student participation has grown on a global scale, teacher education standards regarding safety, ethics, and body mechanics have improved to meet the needs of our students.

Therefore, the mission of Aura Wellness Center is to constantly improve instructor courses in order to meet the growing demands that all teachers and students face, regardless of the style taught or the unique differences of our students.

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