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Yoga as an Art of Living

how to become a certified yoga instructorBy Claude Aoukar

Self Healing with Hands – The Art of Mudras

Shaking hands, holding hands, clapping hands, praying, writing, eating, drinking, art performing, playing music, caressing, loving, signing, counting, dressing, bathing, the list of the things we do with our hands will go on for ever, thus the importance of our fingers is not to be demonstrated.

It is a fact, people from the ancient times knew that for sure. Looking at the Old Asian arts and icons we will notice the central focus on hands where every Buddha has usually a different hand posture. This symbolic gesture known as Mudra, was to describe the function attached to his personality such as teaching, protecting, healing, meditating, granting wishes, granting protection or confidence, blessing the earth, or a gesture of supreme enlightenment. It is said that the number of mudras is equal to the number of Gods and Goddesses, (108).

Hands were very popular also in the Christian Tradition where we First heard about the Hand of God shown in paintings over the ceilings of the Christian Cathedrals. Also Kings and queens adopted the symbol of hands on royal badges, and coats of arms. Muslim Hand known as hand of Fatima or Khamsa, often contains an eye symbol to ward off the evil eye. The Hand in the Jewish religion also known as the Hand of Myriam, reference to the sister of Moses and Aaron represents the five books of the Torah. It is also a reminder to the prayers to meditate using their five senses. Hands are also flags symbols and signs of brotherhood when using a special hand clasp like scouts and free masons do.

The common point between all those different cultures using Hands is that they all consider it as the symbol of strength, power and blessing. Learning from their ancestors, Asians kept the tradition of Mudras and nowadays exported this art to the western world where natural medicine is becoming more and more attractive and credited with some scientific institutes.

“Mudras, or hand positions, work with the natural energy vortices located in the palms of the hands and fingers. When we place the fingers together to create certain shapes, we redirect this energy back into the body. Think of it as creating antennae with your hands. Mudras can bring focus and attention to certain areas of the body through breath awareness, they can also have an immediate effect on the emotions. They and may not be felt as strongly as the asanas. However, the practice is very valuable and can bring us more in tune with the inner workings of our mind, body, and emotions.”

The art of mudras:

Did you know that your 5 fingers are associated to 5 energy elements that could relieve you from pain and stimulate your body organs and that most of the healing process is within your hands?

The thumb = sign fire. Relation with the throat, lungs and immunity The index= air-Heart-respiration

The middle = Ether-solar plexus-spine

The ring = earth -abdominal organs

The little = water-elimination organs

Section 1 – One to One Finger

1-Join the tips of the index finger and thumb and keep the other 3 fingers stretched. Relax and breathe slowly and evenly. It increases intellectual faculty and memory.

1a-Press the index on the base of the thumb and the thumb tip over the index. It helps cure trembling.

Section 1-22- Press the middle finger on the base of the thumb. Close the the tip of the thumb over it. Keep the other three fingers straight. Again, relax and breathe evenly. It relieves ear pain.

Section 1-33-Join the tip of the thumb with the ring; keeping the others straight. Breathe. It gives joy. Now put the ring at the base of the thumb closing the

thumb over it. Breathe in and out . It helps reduce the body weigh.

Section 1-44-Join the tip of the thumb with the tip of the little finger, keeping the others fingers straight. It gives freshness to the body.







Section 2Section 2 – One to Two Fingers

1-Join the tip of the thumb with the tips of little and ring fingers. Keep the other two fingers straight. It gives strength.

2-Join the tip of the thumb with the tip of middle and ring fingers; keeping the other fingers straight. Breathe and relax. It pumps your lungs.

Section 2-33-Press the index and middle fingers on the base of the thumb. Join the ring and thumb tips together. Breathe deeply and release the index up. Connect with your kidneys purify your body. It is said to be a heart attack savior gesture.

Section 3 – Three to Three Fingers

Join thumbs, index and middle fingers tips of both hands together; keeping the others down. Relax, breathe, and stretch down both thumbs and index and up the middle fingers. This figure adds to self-control and concentration.

Section 3

Section 4 – Five to Five fingers

Join the tips of the five fingers of the right hand with the ones of the left.

Relax. Meditate.

Start circling them all together down and up again. Reverse the exercise. Relax.

Section 4

Section 5 – Meditate While Staring at Your Thumb

Interlock the fingers of both hands together. Encircle the left thumb with the index and right finger. Keep the left thumb up and vertical.

Straighten your back to the chair, head slightly downwards, and eyes looking at the left thumb. Feel the heat in your body.

Breathe evenly. Relax as much as you need. This concentration works against cold and cough.

Take a deep breath and go back to your work.

Nb: you can do mudras with one, or two hands together.

Section 5

Remember to do mudras when you are walking, in the bus, in the subway, at work, indoors or outdoors. It will double your energy and resistance.

Claude Aoukar is a certified Yoga teacher.

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