Challenging Yoga Teaching Environments

Despite my best efforts to do just that, some of the children have difficulty maintaining focus and following the postures and movements I have been guiding them in. The atmosphere has therefore sometimes devolves into overall chaos, me losing control of the group. At those times, the teachers have sometimes not intervened. At other times, they strongly and clearly have. For instance, one teacher has taken children out of the group, for what I sometimes perceived as minor infractions. Other teachers have yelled at the children, with clear anger in their voices, to stop “fooling around” and listen to me. I haven’t felt comfortable attempting to override those disciplinary actions; though they have been directly against my philosophies and instruction practices, and the groups are mine to lead, they are still the teachers’ classrooms. To me, it hasn’t been worth it to create more negative energy through further objections.

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Train the Mind and Body – Yoga Teacher Courses

By Faye Martins How do we start to train the mind and body? After all, many people practice Yoga for its fitness benefits. However, this ancient system of complete health maintenance should be comprehensive when we train the mind and body. When you take specified Yoga teacher courses that focus on training the mind and …

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Generating Enthusiasm in a Yoga Class: Music

If you choose musical selections that are “at odds” with the sequence and pacing of Yoga postures, breathing exercises and meditation techniques that you are teaching in any given class, you may dampen your students’ initial enthusiasm for the class. For instance, if you are teaching a restorative evening class, and you are playing very upbeat, techno tracks on your iPod or stereo system, you run the risk of undermining the very state of relaxation that you are trying to create in your students.

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Yoga Teacher Training Course Near Me

Establishing a successful Yoga practice can be difficult sometimes. But Yoga teacher training intensives are designed to help people succeed. Some courses offer practical business advice. Students that take training courses often learn from those who are very experienced at teaching Yogic methods and at running a business.

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