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Teaching Yoga Classes that Build Courage

Additionally, a state of courage and the tenacity to follow through on one’s goals is spoken of quite highly in many different spiritual texts from a variety of religious traditions. A challenging Yoga class that is accessible to most of your students will provide a framework within which to cultivate a sense of courage, accomplishment and diligence. Challenging standing postures and arm balancing poses often come to mind immediately as poses that easily lend themselves to the development of courage and tenacity.

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How to Teach Yoga by Example: Gracious Acceptance

In this example, you have the opportunity to model a state of gracious acceptance for your student, by asking the student to pause for a moment and notice how his or her body feels right now. As your Yoga student becomes aware of what his or her body truly needs in the moment, without negating, minimizing or justifying another course of action, you will have the opportunity to model a state of gracious acceptance of “what is” for your student. In this way, your student will feel more accepting of his or her own physical aptitude and level of fitness. This state of open, gracious acceptance will then allow both you and your student the ability to choose appropriate Yoga postures and breathing exercises that will truly nurture the student’s strength, flexibility and a deep, inner sense of respectful equanimity.

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Establishing a Safe Track Record in Yoga Classes

The space exists, at the start of class as you introduce yourself, to ask for students with any injuries to raise their hands and let you know of any injuries or health concerns. Another option for shyer students is to close their eyes and place hands over their hearts for a more anonymous approach. Create your own opportunities to find out more about your students to further establish safety in the studio.

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Yoga Certification Online Reviews

Enterprise and activeness predominates in the awakening of inner energy within Pranayama applications of Prana Sciences. This exercise helps a great deal in warding off inertia and indolence and instead zest and zeal manifest. Because the mind is conjoined to such acts the basis of all successes emerges. For this the mind has to be tamed and educated. It is definitely difficult (but not impossible) akin to training ferocious animals like tigers etc. in a circus. Without inner strength it is impossible to attain via other means. It is will power that helps us act wholesomely in social transactions, helps make our personality of high stature and ethics and helps overcome inner taints on a war footing. That conscious energy generated on the basis of Prana Science gives us joy in the form of enterprise and activeness.

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Teaching Yoga by Example: Cultivate Patience

As a professional Yoga instructor, this means that by embodying the spirit of the ancient scriptures, including fostering an internal state of patience and compassion for your students, is of the utmost importance. Over time, your students will learn to be patient with themselves and with each other, by watching the patient and kind way that you treat them. With a consistent and dedicated Yoga practice, the wisdom that is elucidated in the ancient scriptures will begins to arise from within the hearts and minds of your students. This will allow your students to truly integrate the practice of Yoga “on the mat,” into their everyday actions in the world.

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Teaching Yoga to Students Recovering from Surgery Today

In the case of a Yoga student who is currently struggling with physical health issues, the calming of anxious thoughts and frustration over their health challenges will give the student a much needed break from the perpetual cycle of worry. Some Yogis or Yoginis may not struggle with anxiety or frustration over serious health issues, but many of us do, and a break from the cycle of anxious thoughts will help the body to quiet and rest, thereby facilitating the healing process.

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YTT – Yoga Teacher Training

Online Yoga certification requires seasoned trainers to write and teach the curriculum. From 200 hour Level 1 Yoga instructor certification courses for teaching the mainstream population to teaching prenatal classes to expectant mothers, online courses can provide initial certification or extra credentials to make teaching Yoga way of life.

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The Problem with Teaching Yoga Fitness Classes

To keep up with the ever-increasing pace of life, will you focus on “power” or fitness yoga styles? Or will you incorporate some of the…

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