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Yoga in Practice: Recognizing the Guru

Has your Yoga practice ever challenged an established belief? Have you ever had your belief system turned upside down? For children, or young adults, to see a role model fall from grace, is painful; but adults base their beliefs on decades of experience. Let’s look at solutions for keeping our integrity intact.

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How to Develop Self-Esteem Through Yoga

During Yoga teacher training sessions, I have found that compiling lists allow interns to be impartial. We can classify our traits and…

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Teaching Hatha Yoga: Difficult Students and Fitness Centers

A Power Yoga teacher is called, by the fitness center she works for – to substitute her class for the regular step aerobics class; this…

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The Seven Main Chakras of Yoga

The word “chakra” literally means wheel. Traditionally, they are thought to be energy centers with the body. Chakras generally do not correspond to any western idea of the anatomy of the body. More commonly they are thought to be part of the subtle or astral body rather than the “gross” body. Kundalini Yoga attempts to awaken these energy centers though meditation. In Kundalini Yoga, seven Chakras are recognized (Tantric Buddhists recognize only four).

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Finding a Yoga Training Teacher Course on a Tight Budget

Studying for your Yoga teacher certification at a local studio or health club will cut down tremendously on the expense of traveling to a Yoga training course and paying for room and board while you are in the program. If you enroll in a local training program, you might save up to $2,000 in expenses over the course of the program.

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Tips on Becoming a Yoga Master

A true Guru, Swami, or Yoga master does not present him or herself as such, instead the yogi or yogini’s level of accomplishment would be evident through his or her behavior, understanding, speech and affect on other people. According to Indian tradition, a true Yoga master would also be a disciple of a long lineage of authentic Yoga masters, stretching far back in time, even as far back as Shiva. A true Yoga master would also usually have a group of dedicated initiates following his or her teachings.

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Teaching Yoga: Regulating Emotional Flow

Consider hosting a student or master’s workshop that addresses controlling emotional flow. If you hold a specialist Yoga teacher training workshop, this will help us reduce violence around the world. Yoga instructors…

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Independent Study for Yoga Teachers

Yoga teachers might consider going into a more specialized area of Yoga. If you like working with kids, perhaps children’s Yoga is an area to explore deeper. Maybe you recently had a baby, realized the benefits of prenatal Yoga, and would like to continue helping expecting mothers. Perhaps your interest lies in the meditation and pranayama (Yogic breathing) aspects of Yoga, and you would like to learn how to help others heal through breath and meditation.

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