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New Year’s Resolutions and Yoga

All in all, yoga is a tool for helping those many people in our society who might struggle with keeping with their well intentioned New Years’ Resolutions – or those made and attempted at any time of the year. Yoga instructors can be powerful facilitators in those processes through knowledgeable instruction appropriately tailored to each individual student’s needs and abilities.

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Practicing Yoga For Inner Peace

Practicing Yoga can prepare one for many challenging situations in life. That it can be difficult to get along with everyone you meet goes without…

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How to Develop Self-Esteem Through Yoga

During Yoga teacher training sessions, I have found that compiling lists allow interns to be impartial. We can classify our traits and…

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Increase Happiness with Yoga

By Bhavan Kumar How can you increase happiness with yoga? Since yoga moved onto the world stage, asana, pranayama, meditation and other Yogic stress-reduction exercises have been studied as possible alternative treatments for mood-related disorders. However, the body of literature on the therapeutic benefits of yoga was rather limited until the Internet propelled it forward. …

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How does Yoga Build Self-Acceptance?

Based on the advice from the 14th century author of “Hatha Yoga Pradipika,” we aren’t the only civilization to think too much. In his teachings, he says: “Abandon all thoughts, then don’t think of anything.”

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