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Emotional Health

Yoga for Emotional Healing

The daily practice, of Yoga, provides emotional healing and support for a variety of reasons. In Yogic philosophy, it is believed that the ego is a major player in creating emotional disturbances, because it draws all conscious attention into itself. During a daily Yoga session, the conscious attention is diverted from the ego, and in those moments, true emotion may be felt. Turning the conscious attention toward one’s true emotions is very healing – in and of itself. Very often, an objective look at reality is all that is needed to promote an internal and lasting change.

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Yoga For Emotional Health

Do you know why students come to your classes? Do you ever ask? You might think stress or weight loss and you might be right, but the truth is there are many different reasons. Some students want to belong and some want a sanctuary from anxiety, depressed feelings and the pressure of life. Yoga teacher training has equipped instructors with the tools to offer a haven where students can recover and restore emotional health.

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Can Yoga Help Depression?

Unless you are a psychiatrist or psychologist, you should not be in the position of a consultant. Some new students may arrive due to referrals from professional counselors, but what do you do if one of your established students is suddenly in a state of depression? The logical course of action is to advise anyone who is suffering from depression to seek counseling from a professional first. Yoga is a wonderful adjunct therapy for emotional and mental health, but our field as Yoga teachers is not counseling.

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Yoga for Emotional Turmoil

The breathing exercises are an integral part of Yoga. It is one part of Yoga that can be done anywhere you are and no matter what you are doing. You will find that once you have the breathing down you will start to feel better and be able to deal with things better. Eventually you will find that you can easily add Yoga to your daily routine to help calm emotional turmoil.

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Yogic Healing for Emotional Health

What is it about yogic discipline that does so much to improve the practitioner’s mood and emotional health? The stretches and asanas of yoga are excellent stress reducers to be sure, but it goes deeper than that. When meditative breathing techniques are incorporated into a routine, yoga achieves what no other form of exercise can. Practitioners say that regular yoga sessions reduce or even eliminate feelings of hostility and make day-to-day problems easier to manage.

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Improving Moods with Yoga

According to Dr. Madan Kataria, the founder of Laughter Yoga, maintaining a good mood is as simple as being able to control one’s reactions to positive and negative emotions. To operate effectively, the brain needs approximately 25% more oxygen than the other organs in the body. Yoga not only produces natural chemicals that calm the mind, but it also increases the supply of freshly oxygenated blood to the brain.

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Yoga to Manage Mood Swings

Few things can put someone on edge the way that an overload of stress can. This can in turn lead to moodiness and outbursts that can harm personal, professional and familial relationships, causing further deterioration of a person’s mental health, even among those who have never been diagnosed with anxiety or stress-related disorders. Yoga can help through preventing this overload of stress and working to calm anxiety. In fact, yoga can even increase tolerance to stressful events by moderating uncomfortable physiological responses like raised blood-pressure and heart-rate.

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