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Yoga for Anger Management

By Kimaya Singh and Dr. Paul Jerard, E-RYT 500, YACEP Is Yoga for anger management realistic? How can Yoga help people with anger management? Every person feels anger at some point. It is a natural emotion that has its roots in jealousy, hatred, outrage, or frustration. Regardless of its cause, anger has negative effects on …

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Yoga for Developing Self-Confidence

Yoga for self-confidence also creates feelings of well being, clarity of mind, and empowerment, through the use of methodical and energizing movements. Yoga training also has a variety of proven breathing techniques, where difficulties can be brought into perspective. In turn, life becomes more manageable and less overwhelming. The realization that one can organize his or her life and take control, just as it occurs when practicing Yoga exercises, can impart the self-confidence necessary to confidently tackle obstacles and rise to heights that once seemed out of reach.

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Yoga for Coping with Loss

Truly eliminating the effects of loss may never be possible. In these cases, it is still possible to greatly improve the outlook and disposition of a person in grief. Whatever the ultimate result, applying yoga training to real life situations is a constructive means of dealing with traumatic events.

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Yoga Poses For The Holidays

Yoga poses that open up the heart area help to cultivate a deep sense of compassion for others and us. Practicing a brief period of meditation focused on compassion after practicing Yoga asanas that stimulate and open the heart region will help to solidify this awareness. In the past few years, researchers have been able to pinpoint the beneficial consequences of nurturing compassionate thoughts through magnetic resonance imaging devices of the brain.

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Yoga for Reducing Anger

Hatha Yoga practice will allow your body to vent anger. Whether you practice a Restorative Yoga style that holds postures, or you practice a flowing Vinyasa Yoga style – the unhealthy negative feelings of anger, and its side effects, can be released from your body within a Yoga class.

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Yoga Poses for Forgiveness

Yoga poses that help us to release this negativity will help to support our ability to forgive ourselves and others. Depending on our individual temperaments, we may hold anger, grief and loss in different areas of our bodies. Often, sadness and grief are evident in a collapsed chest cavity.

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Can Yoga Postures Help to Release Anger?

Anger is made up of energy. Our bodies and minds hold currents of energy waves. In order to harness that energy, we might try mantras, japa, prayers, and positive affirmations. Yet, Yoga has many methods from which to choose, and some help us to channel physical energy constructively. Yoga is one of the oldest and most effective ways, of channeling energy through the body.

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Should Yoga Teachers Give Emotional Counseling?

As an instructor, it is important to recognize when you are out of your depth and when you should consider recommending another professional. While you can still be there for your student and support them through your classes, you should not be the only one they can turn to. There is nothing wrong with having a strong network of support for difficult emotional breakthroughs.

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