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Teaching Yoga: Regulating Emotional Flow

yoga instructor trainingBy Gopi Rao

Many of our yoga students are overwhelmed and regulating emotional flow seems like a fantasy. If you listen to the news, people make decisions based on their mental and emotional mindset. These days, a hospital or tax bill could put a person’s health at risk. How each person reacts to losing his or her house, job or spouse is different. After finishing your yoga certification course, you begin to realize how much pressure, stress, and angst your students are going through.

Yoga does amazing things for the mind and the body when you practice on a regular basis. The regular stretches will make you feel taller, leaner and more agile. People who suffer from chronic pain in the back, neck or another area find that it greatly diminishes or completely disappears. You’ll also find that the daily stresses of life that tend to build up and cause anxiety; headaches or general ill feelings will also diminish.


When it comes to emotions, yoga training can be a helpful tool to help regulate and sustain positive emotions. Regular meditation sessions will teach you to let go of negativity and pain in your life. The more you practice letting go of the negative, the easier it becomes to allow more positive energy into your life on a regular basis. The poses help you learn to concentrate and feel what you are feeling in the moment. They allow you to accept each emotion as it comes, acknowledge it and release it.

regulating emotional flowIf you have trouble regulating your emotional flow it means you probably often feel a smattering of emotions on a daily basis. Perhaps one minute you are happy beyond belief and the next you are feeling hopeless and defeated. When you let your emotions take over, it can be an exhausting kind of existence. Regular yoga and meditation practice will teach you to run on more of an even keel throughout the day, regardless of what life throws at you. However, life has ups and downs and being swamped with stress can cause flare ups to happen to anyone. The key is to maintain a steady practice in daily life.



One way to learn to forget about your emotions for a while during yoga training is to focus solely on your body and the position it is in. Feel your muscles as they stretch and strain. Go inside your body and seek a sense of gratitude for the present moment while leaving the past and future alone. Focusing one’s attention on being present for practice keeps the mind in a safe place.


Yogic breathing during each asana will also help you release emotions and focus on mindfulness. Deep breathing will help regulate your pulse and create good circulation throughout the body. This alone will help get rid of negativity, stress and anxiety. Over time, you can add visualization to the breathing. You might visualize all of your emotions leaving the body with each breath and being replaced with peace and calm.



Yoga helps foster a sense of acceptance, including acceptance of others, of your self and of your emotions both good and bad. When you decide to accept your feelings without judgement, you become aware that it is possible to acknowledge them without allowing them to dominate your mood. Once this is achieved, you will be able to fully regulate your emotional flow no matter what life throws at you.

Tips for Teachers

Consider hosting a student or master’s workshop that addresses controlling emotional flow. If you hold a specialist Yoga teacher training workshop, this will help us reduce violence around the world. Yoga instructors have a lot of reach in their communities and people need coping tools.  From traffic jams to social injustice, people are being pushed from all directions and they need to know how to deal with it.


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