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Meditation to Experience Energy Flow

Ancient healing arts, such as Yoga, Reiki, and qigong, are all methods of harnessing this vital life force and bringing it into the body to promote wellness and healing. In recent years, many medical professionals and scientists have recognized the importance of energy work as a viable complement to traditional therapies, and the knowledge of these practices is no longer a mystery.

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You Don’t Want to Become a Yoga Teacher

Yoga is another technique that can come in very handy. It has been practiced for ages in the eastern countries but the western countries have been introduced to it very recently. It would not only help you get rid of the problems that are related to your mind but you would also see a tremendous positive change in your physique as well. One who practices yoga on a regular basis would not only keep these nervous disorders at bay but it would also ensure that you are able to concentrate on other aspects of your life properly.

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Teaching Meditation in a Yoga Class: Creating Time

When a Yoga practitioner connects with this pure unbounded awareness, the mental chatter in the mind stops and one’s consciousness is able to perceive the essential divine reality that flows through all of creation. Dropping into a state of pure, unbounded awareness is also very rejuvenating and replenishing for both the body and mind. If you are a Yoga teacher, briefly introducing your students to the history and depth of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras, will open the door for your students to further explore the systematic practice of asanas and breathing exercises that leads to a state of calm equipoise, both on and off the mat.

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