Yoga for Women

Yoga for Postpartum Weight Loss

By Michael Gleason Are you curious about postpartum weight loss? Before we get into it: Congratulations and welcome to motherhood! This is by far one of the most exciting and potentially scariest things you will ever go through. As your child grows up, or as you bring more children into your life, making the time …

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Why Consider Prenatal Yoga Programs?

Participating in a prenatal class with a certified Yoga teacher yoga will keep your body limber and in shape, as well as ease the countless tension always building up in the muscles. It is the perfect workout if you want to tone the muscles and prepare your body for the experience of labor.

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Yoga For Busy Moms

There could be no better workout regimen than yoga training for a busy mom. Whether you are a busy mom, or know a busy mom, you are aware that there is one constant – stress. From running kids to school, activities, the homes of friends; from doing homework, rushing to the store for school and lunch supplies, the activity is nonstop.

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Women Fitness – Yoga

Yoga has a reputation as a good weight loss programme as well as a women’s fitness routine. It steadily shapes your body into new curves and smooths out lumps and bumps but it does it in a way that is long lasting and becomes part of your life style rather than a crash and burn approach which some of the gym based programmes tend to do. Many women find that as they enjoy the other benefit of yoga (calmness) they don’t go for food as a prop nearly as much so their weight drops as well as their dress size through the body reshaping.

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