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Teaching Yoga

What Kind of Yoga Should I Teach?

By Gopi Rao Before entering a yoga instructor course, many people ask, “What kind of yoga should I teach?” There is a soul searching process based on passion and the popularity of classes. One might want to teach an obscure style because of a deep passion and calling, but not every prospective student is deeply …

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Teaching Yoga Poses for Anger Management 

By: Virginia Iversen, M.Ed Teaching Yoga poses for anger management is very useful these days. As a certified Yoga teacher, you have the ability to facilitate deep transformational change in your students. This change can take the form of an overall increase in your students’ level of physical health, including greater strength, flexibility and weight …

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Teaching Yoga: Choosing the Best Yoga Mat

One of the benefits of practicing yoga training is that practitioners need few pieces of equipment. The most basic piece of equipment in a yoga class is the mat. Lightweight and small, mats afford a yoga student to practice pretty much anywhere.

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Making Unrealistic Claims About Yoga

Yoga has many healing properties and can do many amazing things. From mind to body and the energy in between, it is a sacred practice for a reason. When a practice incorporates body, mind and spirit, it’s little wonder most of the claims have a base in truth.

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What to Do with Difficult Yoga Students?

Much like all of your past training: Clear your mind, take a deep breath and relax. As a Yoga teacher, the time comes when one unique student causes unnecessary suffering in the classroom. Perhaps they come late to class, or question your every move. Some students may want to rush the lesson or answer phone calls in the middle of a Yoga class.

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Avoid Financial Struggles While Teaching Yoga

Taking a part-time job may not seem like the best option, but there are many job opportunities that can complement the lifestyle associated with practicing and teaching yoga. Working in a health food store or a meditation tea shop can be both relaxing and enlightening. A part-time job related to a favorite hobby, such as working in a crafts store or in a bakery, may also provide a steady source of income and a comfortable and stimulating work environment.

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The Dark Side of Spiritual Yoga Classes

Spirituality is a key feature of Bhakti, Karma, and Raja classes. However, physical based styles like Hatha and Vinyasa don’t need to touch the deeper aspects of spiritual beauty. Eventually, student who practice for physical purposes for years will find their own spiritual beauty based upon their own religion. Therefore, don’t sanitize your lessons by removing all traces of deeper meaning, but remember to stay safe. Make spiritual practices an optional part of your Yoga school. Keep your energy positive and welcoming to all who step into your studio and respect the diversity in all of your students.

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