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Meditation to Experience Energy Flow

meditation for energy flowBy Jenny Park 

Could stillness during meditation cause a surge in energy flow? Ironically, quantum physicists are telling us the same thing that sages have said for thousands of years. We live in a sea of energy connecting us to everything else. When you look at a rock or chair, you see no energy. However, at the atomic level, electrons are moving and vibrating. We don’t all have access to an electron microscope, but we readily believe in scientific proof regarding electrons and energy.


Timeless Healing Arts

Ancient healing arts, such as Yoga, Reiki, and Qigong, are all methods of harnessing vital life force and bringing it into the body to promote wellness and healing. In recent years, many medical professionals and scientists have recognized the importance of energy work as a viable complement to standard medical therapies. The knowledge of these alternative practices is no longer a mystery. Now, meditation has become important to science and medicine.


How can we practice meditation to strengthen energy flow?

1. Study the body’s energy field. Understanding the chakras or meridians makes it easier to visualize and sense energy.

2. Energy follows thought or intention. Relax and “see” the energy flowing and traveling throughout your body. Be aware of bodily sensations, such as tingling or warmth. “Trying” too hard slows the process.

3. Place your hands in front of you with the palms just a few inches apart. In a meditative state, slowly move them closer together and apart. You will feel the magnetic pull between your hands as you practice. The physical exercises of qigong and Yoga effectively increase the body’s energy flow and eliminate blockages.


4. Meditate. Some people like to use guided scripts or music, such as binaural beats, to change brain waves and produce altered states of consciousness.

5. Practice breathing techniques like the nine-breath method or double-nostril breathing.

6. Take Reiki classes to learn how to channel healing energy. Symbols and attunements make the body more receptive to magnetic fields.

7. Join a Yoga class or a meditation group. There is strength and support in numbers.

8. Schedule a session with a practitioner who does bodywork to facilitate the flow of prana (chi).


Enhanced Energy Flow

Meditation is a vital tool for any energy flow, whether it involves sitting quietly in a lotus position or practicing martial arts. The intent of physical exercises, such as Yoga asana or pranayama, is to prepare the body for traditional meditation.

Albert Einstein said, “Energy cannot be created or destroyed; it can only be changed from one form to another.” Meditation is the tool through which we connect with and gather energy from the universal source of life.


Affordable Prevention

Lastly, people are beaten down by a lack of care from the highest authorities in the land. Depression, hypertension, stress, and anxiety pile on while people lose their jobs and health insurance. Here, meditation, Yoga, and walking are daily options that don’t have to cost much or anything.

Meditation for improving energy flow is an affordable lifesaver compared to an emergency room visit, doctor’s visit, or hospitalization. If a person has spent all day in a line waiting for groceries at the local food shelter, maybe he or she doesn’t need a walk, but meditation is a blessing for those who need to recharge their batteries.


Meditation to Experience Energy Flow

Do you ever feel drained, exhausted, or disconnected from your body? We all experience moments when we lack energy and motivation. But what if there was a way to tap into an endless source of vitality within ourselves? The answer lies in meditation.

By practicing mindful awareness and breathwork, we can access the flow of energy within us all. Let’s explore how meditation can help you experience energy flow and unlock your inner potential for renewed vigor, joy, and serenity. So get ready to plug into the power of mindfulness.


What is Life Energy?

Life energy is the animating force within all living things. Also known as chi, ki, or prana, it is the vital life force that flows through and around us, giving us the strength and vitality to live.

When our life energy is vital and flowing freely, we feel alive and vibrant. We can meet the challenges of life with ease and grace. When our life energy is weak or blocked, we may feel sluggish, stuck, or even sick.

The good news is that we can always do something to improve the flow of our life energy. Through meditation, we can learn to quiet the mind and open ourselves up to the ever-present flow of chi. By sitting still and focusing on our breath, we can feel the subtle but powerful effects of chi moving through our bodies.

Regular practice allows us to experience greater well-being as our life energy flows more freely. We may feel calmer and more centered amid chaos, better able to handle whatever comes our way. We may also enjoy improved physical health as our bodies become more attuned to the flow of chi.


How to Meditate for Internal Energy

When you are ready to start your meditation, sit comfortably with your spine straight. If you like, you can close your eyes or keep them open and focus on a point before you.

Take a few deep breaths and allow your body to relax. Once you are feeling calm, begin to focus on your breath. Breathe in deeply and slowly, then breathe out fully and completely. Continue to breathe deeply and slowly, focusing only on your breath.

As you focus on your breath, you may notice other thoughts and sensations entering your mind. Let them go and return your focus to your breath. Don’t try to push away thoughts or feelings; just let them be and bring your attention back to your breath.


Breathing Deeply

Continue to breathe deeply and slowly, focusing only on your breath. With each inhale, feel the energy entering your body through the crown of your head. As you exhale, feel the energy moving down through your body toward the ground. Allow the energy to flow freely through your body as you breathe deeply and slowly.

You may find it helpful to imagine the energy as a white light or a cool breeze flowing through your body. Just let yourself experience the energy however it comes to you. There is no right or wrong way to do this – just let yourself go with the flow.

When you are ready to finish, slowly bring your attention back to your breath and then back to the room around you.

The Benefits of Healthy Energy

Healthy energy is the lifeblood of our bodies and minds. It keeps us alert and alive, able to work hard and enjoy leisure time. Here are some of the many benefits of having healthy energy levels:

1. Increased focus and productivity – When we have healthy energy levels, we can better concentrate on the tasks and get more done. We’re also less likely to make mistakes or feel overwhelmed by projects.

2. Improved mood – Healthy energy levels help regulate our moods, making us happier and more positive overall. This can boost our resilience in the face of stressors and help us better manage difficult emotions.

3. Higher physical stamina – Having plenty of healthy energy helps us maintain our strength and endurance to stay active and physically fit. It can also help reduce aches and pains, as well as fatigue.

4. Enhanced immunity – A robust immune system fights infections and diseases. Healthy energy levels help keep our immune systems functioning properly.

5. Better sleep – We tend to sleep better at night when we have healthy energy levels. Our bodies can better repair themselves during deep, restful sleep.


Different Types of Positive Energy for Health

It is believed that there are different types of energy in the universe, and these energies can impact our health. One type of energy often discussed in health is “positive energy.”

Positive energy is often associated with happiness, joy, love, and peace. It is believed that this type of energy can help to improve our physical and mental health. There are many ways to experience positive energy, including through meditation.

Meditation is a practice that can help us to connect with our inner selves and to focus on positive thoughts and feelings. Meditating can clear our minds of negative thoughts and emotions and instead focus on experiencing positive energy flow through our bodies. This can help us to feel more balanced and at peace and can also have a positive impact on our physical health.


Meditation can be a powerful tool to experience energy flow on your journey of self-discovery and spiritual growth. Whether you are just starting out with meditation or have been meditating for years, it’s important to remember that the only person who knows which type of meditation works best for you is yourself. Find the style of meditation that resonates most deeply with your soul, practice regularly, and observe how subtle changes in your energy level will positively influence all aspects of your life.


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