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Yoga Meditation to Train the Mind

yoga teacher trainingBy Kimaya Singh

We all want to perform at our optimal level. In order to do so, we must harness and focus the power of our minds. There is a sense of flow or ease when we are completely focused on the task at hand. Yoga meditation is a great tool to develop and enhance our ability to concentrate and focus on a goal. Our goal may be to win a 10k race, cook a beautiful meal, or study for a college exam. No matter what the particular goal is, Yoga meditation will help to train our mind to focus single-pointedly on the demands of the moment.

Highly-successful and creative people often describe a state of flow, or being in the zone, during a challenging task, competition, business deal, or any undertaking that requires sustained and vigorous powers of concentration. To be in a state of flow is considered to be an important component of performing at your peak level. Yoga meditation will help to train your mind, so that you can stay in a relaxed state of flow. When we fall out of this state and our concentration is compromised, it is often because we are focusing on something else, instead of being really present in the moment.

As you practice Yoga asanas, the amount of concentration necessary to perform the yoga postures competently and safely helps to develop your mental focusing abilities. If your mind wanders during class, it will be very easy to get lost or not maintain optimal alignment in the postures, making you susceptible to injury. Yogic meditation techniques are designed to clear and center your mind, so that you can focus fully and exclusively on the moment.

A Yoga mediation technique that is particularly useful for improving your mental powers of concentration is breathing meditation. When you practice focusing on your breath, and only your breath, you will train your mind to focus on any task that you wish. This could be knitting a sweater, winning a martial arts competition or practicing a challenging inverted pose.

Another useful Yoga meditation technique to train the mind is focusing on a single object, such as a mandala or flickering candle flame. This meditation practice will help your brain to be able to concentrate on a single, external object or goal. These are some of the Yoga meditation techniques that will help you to train your mind to be present in the moment, so that you can live in a state of optimal flow and perform at your peak level.

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