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What is Prana?

what is pranaBy Faye Martins

What is prana? Prana can be defined as the life-infusing substratum of all reality. Prana is also the energy we feel within and around us. There is a lot of prana or life-force energy is raw food, nature, around large bodies of water and around Yoga masters who have enhanced their life-force or energy field through a consistent and dedicated Yoga practice. Another name for prana in Eastern traditions is Chi.

According to ancient yogic wisdom, as you experience deeper and deeper levels of meditation, you come into contact with the causal plane of existence. This causal plane of existence is the birthplace of pranic energy. This is also the plane of existence where the holographic blueprint of physical reality becomes manifest. As you enhance your pranic field through yogic practices, you will be able to more easily be in touch with and rest in this causal plane of existence.

What is Prana According to the Masters?

Mystics of all different traditions do agree that there are higher levels of existence or reality that is comprised of pranic energy. Pranic energy itself can become manifest on the physical plane. In terms of yogic experience, practitioners who are fully infused with prana can suspend their breath indefinitely while staying in a state of oneness called samadhi. Some Yoga masters even claim to be able to live solely on the nourishment from the prana around them. Even if your goal is not to necessarily cease eating for long periods of time, being aware of the prana around you, as well as having an appreciation of the level of your own prana or life-force, will help to inform your Yoga practice.

What is Prana Supposed to do?

Quantum physicists are discovering that prana or life force energy is comprised of very tiny, sub-atomic particles that hold packets of vibrating energy. In fact, the thoughts of the scientists conducting the experiments even influence the movement of these sub-atomic particles. There is a powerful lesson in this realization, our thoughts may have a far larger impact than we realize on the reality we find ourselves living within. Based on the current findings of quantum scientific investigation, the quality of our lives may be strongly affected by our habitual thought patterns. To create a life of beauty, meaning and abundance, it is necessary to hold in our consciousness positive and life-affirming thoughts. The enrichment of our pranic life force is a vital part of any Yoga practice because it can help us to vibrate at the level of the divinity all around us and bring us great happiness.

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