Yoga Instructor: Cultivating Positive Energy

cultivating positive energyBy Sangeetha Saran 

Yoga teacher training taught each of us methods for cultivating positive energy. If a yoga instructor demonstrates negative behavior, there is hardly any excuse for it, unless we want to plead temporary insanity. With all the tools to maintain mental and emotional health, we should be spreading positive energy with every step we take.


No matter whom you are and from what walk of life, there is never a time when there is a need for negative energy. When one cultivates their positive energy it is like a chain reaction sending positivity to those around them, as it breeds upon itself and created a much happier atmosphere for everyone. In the practice of positive yoga, everyone counts. It comes with an understanding that we are all equal and all trying to achieve the same level of peace and same level of calmness in our lives and those of our loved ones. Not a single soul will leave without feeling refreshed, renewed and ready to face the future whatever it may be.



While there are asanas that encourage positive energy flow, it’s important for yoga instructors to realize that considering the goal of this type of yoga training, each student’s output will be unique and different. That is okay, and is encouraged. It is necessary to comment on how well students are performing regardless of where they are, and never speak of someone doing better than another.


As most yoga teachers know, Pranayama means “universal energy and restraint.” Therefore, this type of yoga training should be included in a positive energy routine. While students are practicing a natural, deep breath speak of why life is so wonderful. Encourage them to think of the beauty in their own lives to create a positive atmosphere. Continue with poses that build strength and balance, as well as a sense of accomplishment, while cultivating positive energy.



Some prime asanas include Warrior I, Triangle, Lord of the Dance, and also several floor poses to release tension. Remind students often that to the best of their ability and not to worry about being perfect. Teachers should speak often of letting go of the day’s stresses. These days, many classes focus on asana practice so much that students think asana alone is Yoga. If we erase the past and forget about cultivating positive energy, we are teaching exercise only. In which case, the Eight Limbs and Patanjali’s teachings have more to offer than the best exercise programs.

Pranayama, Meditation and More

Students are each on their own journey, which is separate from everyone else, and they must focus on themselves. At the beginning or end of practice, an option is to lead the group in calming pranayama practice. It is also good to close with a session of encouraging praise for what our students have personally accomplished so that they may leave, spreading the joy they’ve found in your class that day. Meditation and/or relaxation is an extremely important part of a complete class experience. If cultivating positive energy is our objective, it is strongly suggested that a Yoga class contain meditation and relaxation techniques.

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