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How Meditation Helps to Cultivate Positive Thoughts

cultivate positive thoughtsBy Dr. Paul Jerard, E-RYT 500, YACEP

Ideally, most people would like to live a life full of positive thoughts. Positive thinking yields balance, enhanced creativity, stability, peace of mind, and increased happiness. However, negative thoughts are far more prevalent for most people. Purging the mind of negative thoughts is a behavior that needs to be learned and does not come easy for most. Meditation is a great tool to use in order to eliminate the negative thoughts that can cloud the mind.


Clearing the Mind

Within Yoga, the goal of the practice of meditation is to clear the mind of any pollutants and worries. Of course, this step makes the mind alert and present at the moment. This alertness includes awareness of the thoughts that are forming and whether they are negative or positive thoughts. The rest of the body is completely relaxed during meditation so that the total focus is within the mind. Meditation allows the mind to relax and expand at the same time. As the mind becomes pure and clear during this expansion, tensions are released, and the person meditating becomes more aware of the thoughts flowing through his or her mind and the energy that is being projected.


Selecting Thoughts

As the body falls into deeper rest, and the mind becomes more alert and focused – stress, anxiety, and negativity are released from the body. The silence of the meditative state allows the person to focus on the thoughts as they form. With this clear focus, the person meditating can judge each thought and realize if it is positive or negative. In this way, he or she will quickly realize if most of the thoughts are negative. This person can also begin eliminating the negative thoughts by silently turning each negative statement into a positive one.


Reshaping Thoughts

To fully reap the rewards of meditation, a person must incorporate it into their daily routine. Practicing daily meditation will ensure that the person can take a small part of the day, every day, to completely relax and become intuitively aware of their thoughts. With practice, this person will not only be able to turn negative thoughts into positive ones as they form but will also begin to reshape their thinking, focusing on positive ideas. Negative thoughts will not stop completely, but they will certainly decrease. The benefits of positive thoughts will flow into every aspect of the person’s life because being aware of what is going on in his or her mind will shape the way this person lives their life and the decisions made.


Cultivation of Positivity

You can’t grow a garden without doing some weeding. The mind contains lovely flowers, but it also has some ferocious weeds. Sometimes, we think we have to avoid the news, social media, radio, television, and so on. Although this may be true, we can’t harvest positive thoughts without encountering some weeds in our lives. Then again, there are people with hateful agendas who don’t deserve your time. In reality, we don’t have to pick up the phone and we can say no when needed.


Creating Atmosphere

Above all, positive thoughts are cultivated under ideal circumstances. One of the most important things to avoid when meditating is trying to suppress thoughts. Trying to suppress a thought, usually results in a stronger thought, which can sometimes lead to negative feelings. Instead, you should let your thoughts flow without doing anything about them. At the same time, your patience is your strength. Unlike games or sports, we don’t expect to win when we meditate.


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  1. The silence of the meditative state allows the person to focus on the thoughts as they form. So meditation helps us to cultivate positive thoughts. Nice posting!

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