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Practicing Yoga For Inner Peace

practicing yoga for inner peace and tranquilityBy Kimaya Singh

Practicing Yoga for inner peace can prepare one for many challenging situations in life. That it can be difficult to get along with everyone you meet goes without saying. Some of the people we encounter in the courses of our daily lives are wholly unreasonable, unable to compromise over the slightest issues, insisting on having their way about everything. These interactions can be trying because they test the limits of our patience and temperaments. We cannot reasonably hope to change others, nor should we try. Instead Yoga gives us a way to find life saving personal stress relief that doesn’t depend on outside influence, which makes our daily Yogic practice of paramount importance.


Practicing Yoga for inner peace makes it easier to coexist with others around you by making it easier to exist within yourself. Scientific thought has long recognized that the body is an interconnected network of interdependent systems and organs. What seems like a single unified organism controlled by your personality is actually more complex. The sources of our anger, frustration, and happiness are not as simple as they seem, but all are rooted within our own bodies and minds.

When your health is in question, controlling your reactions to things is a tough struggle. You may not ever grow to truly like the negative things about some people around you do. By practicing Yoga and keeping yourself firmly grounded in feeling good on a consistent basis; you can avoid getting caught up in these transient interactions or altercations.

Regular Hatha Yoga practice targets various organs and bodily functions in an effort to ensure that you stay healthy, relaxed and at ease. While the benefits of flexibility and fitness cannot be denied, the increased ability for unrestricted blood flow, which practitioners often experience, is a blessing in itself. When your body’s internal nutrient distribution and cellular waste management systems work more efficiently, every organ they supply can perform at its peak, leading to a pervasive sense of overall bodily comfort. Practicing Yoga for inner peace, makes it easier to achieve a state of mental clarity, as one is far less influenced by negative physical feelings.

There’s some truth to the old adage about “straws breaking camel’s backs.” When you’re already in a bad place mentally, even small issues can completely ruin your day. Hatha Yoga puts people at an advantage so that they don’t need to battle through the trials of their day, while managing the excessive nervous energy commonly associated with physical discomfort. As such, Yoga practice provides an invaluable means of finding peace within an environment where factors beyond our control manifest themselves on a regular basis.


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