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Yoga Instructor

From Student to Yoga Instructor

Unless one learns to do yoga very well, unless there is a high level of commitment to improving how one does yoga, it is very difficult to be certified as a teacher. Teacher training is demanding because teacher training schools want to turn out teachers who represent the best that yoga has to offer the general public. In other words, slackers won’t cut it. Those who cannot do asanas properly, provide solid advice and instruction, and represent the ideals of yoga in a coherent way are not likely to be considered qualified to teach yoga.

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What Should a Yoga Instructor Know?

Having a yoga instructor can really help to boost your yoga practice. They will demonstrate the asanas (postures) so you can really see what you need to be doing and they will help you by watching what you do and making small corrections to keep your body aligned and safe. However Yoga is a wonderful tool for stress management that you can learn on your own with the help of a DVD or book.

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