What Is An Online Yoga Certification Course?

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Yoga practitioners, who are interested in taking an online yoga certification course, can find online programs designed to meet various qualifications in pursuit of training. Yoga is often said to be a total body fitness program; but more accurately, it is a life-long commitment to mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual evolution. Students, who are interested in attaining a teaching certification from an online yoga school, go through a process of self-discovery, personal growth, and accomplishment, unlike any other form of instruction.


Where do I start?

What is the best online yoga certification course? Does it depend on which style you want to teach? The first priority, before taking an online yoga certification course, is deciding which type of yoga is appropriate for you and your students (that is, Restorative, Prenatal, Kids, Power, Hot, Yin, Vinyasa, etc.). Yoga styles are generally differentiated by philosophy and particular emphasis. For example, Some forms of yoga do not contain physical exercises at all. Look into what is the most compatible style with your own interest as a practitioner. Many yoga instructors have a diversified approach to teaching. Interns of yoga certification programs will find that the more time they put into training and networking, the more opportunities that will come to fruition.


The Next Step

You have a lot of options. Online yoga schools and distance education programs attract busy people. Maybe you don’t have enough time to drop your life, job, or family, for a month or a year. That’s completely understandable, but you have to calculate how much time you have to train at home during the course of an average week. Once you have determined the amount of time you have to contribute to the study of yoga, it will be easier to select an online yoga certification course, based on the required steps to completion. A basic yoga certification intensive is 200 hours of training.

How it Was and How it Is

Yoga certification courses were traditionally part of residential training, yoga studio, or ashram activities. Yoga instructor diplomas were not common before the late 1900s. The traditional aspirant used to travel to India for the direct lineage with a Guru, an apprenticeship, and his blessing. It is still possible to enroll in courses in India, to advance your understanding of the philosophical underpinnings of yoga as a field of education, personal enlightenment, and holistic health. Today, organizations that handle yoga teacher credentialing courses, are generally defined as teacher training programs Residential training, an online yoga teacher training school, travel to India, or spending a month on a tropical island are all possible options.


What’s Inside?

So, what is inside an online yoga certification course? Generally speaking, you should learn from the foundation up. Most students, who come to Hatha classes, expect something physical, and some will expect to be challenged physically in your classes. With that in mind, you should learn to master asanas, pranayama, and sequencing. So, the best online yoga certification course won’t be the same for everyone, because we don’t all teach the same students. Some students don’t know what they want while others may be specifically looking for a physical style like Power Yoga.


On the other hand, some of your students will want something that soothes the soul. If you want to teach students who are looking to soothe their souls, you will want to learn mantras, mudras, meditation, and relaxation techniques. Emotional and mental benefits will attract students to you as much as training your students toward physical mastery. There are many directions and choices. Teachers will naturally attract like-minded students – It’s the Law of Attraction. Additionally, students are very particular about what they want to learn. Some students will object to gentle, hardcore, and/or soulful classes. That’s why we label our classes and give an accurate description to our students.


Some of your students will want the entire experience. For this reason, you should learn something about yogic philosophy and its practical application in daily life. Whether it is in your online yoga teacher training course, or not, you should take the time to understand the universal principles within the Yoga Sutras, the Hatha Yoga Pradipika, and other classics. A well-rounded yoga certification course should contain the essence of yogic history and philosophy.


Finally, a good online yoga certification course teaches you how to design classes that attract many types of students. You will not attract them all to the same class. For this reason, you may want to teach gentle, power, therapeutic, hot, or vinyasa classes. Where can you learn all this? Find the best online yoga certification course and school. Currently, Aura Wellness Center has online, distance learning, and virtual courses. Once again, you have many options. Finding the best online certification course might take a little research, but you’ll be glad you found the right one. One method in selecting a course is to take the course that addresses the needs of most students and can be easily modified. In that case, Hatha Yoga is the most diversified style with gentle, intermediate, advanced, and flow classes, that can be modified for any age group or physical condition. One online yoga certification course that can reach such a large group is well worth the time, effort, and investment.


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