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What is Power Yoga?

What is power yoga?By Kimaya Singh 

What is power yoga? People considering yoga teacher training courses often wonder what the “power” is all about. To some people the word (power) doesn’t seem yogic. So, what’s all the hype about this particular style? When many of us think of exercising, we think of activities that cause our hearts to beat rapidly, our breath to become short and our bodies to sweat.


Power yoga is essentially the best of both worlds. It lets participants work up a sweat and increase their heart rates while also providing soothing stretches plus meditation and breathing practice. Many people are turning to power style classes to provide a vigorous workout that still focuses on the more calming aspects of yogic practices. A typical power style class consists of some common elements.


What is power yoga history? Power yoga comes from a style practiced in ancient India referred to as Ashtanga vinyasa. Ashtanga focused on building self-discipline and flexibility. Since then, Ashtanga has made its way to the rest of the world and has become popular in gyms, clubs, studios and centers worldwide. Every class has a different spin on it, depending on each instructor’s teaching style and goals for the class. However, the common elements of a vigorous, fast-paced class remain consistent among all classes. With this in mind, power yoga is an innovative branch of the Ashtanga Yoga tree, but it is not Ashtanga.


Routines Maintain a Faster Flow

During a power class, students might follow a fast-paced routine led by the yoga instructor. The ultimate goal is to flow from pose to pose smoothly, quickly and while synchronizing the breath with each movement. Some instructors teach slower-paced dynamic flows for building strength.

Encourages Intense Focus

Another difference between power and regular hatha classes involves the length of time each pose is held. During a power yoga class, some of the poses are held longer than in traditional classes. A typical class will call for the students to hold each pose for about three to five breaths. During a power class, the instructor will often ask students to hold poses longer than that. This improves concentration and focus and allows the students to learn to rely on their breath to increase the effectiveness of the pose.


It’s Not for Beginners

Power yoga is generally not recommended for beginners. In order to gain the most benefits from a vigorous class, you should be familiar with each pose so you can transition gracefully from posture to posture. During a power yoga class, the mind should be focused on breathing and stretching deeper rather than on how to perform each pose. Practitioners of power classes are typically well-versed in most of the asanas and are looking to challenge their selves physically and mentally with a more intense workout.

Improving Athletic Performance

Power yoga is  helping practitioners attain greater self awareness, physical fitness and mental clarity. Master teachers realized that by practicing different techniques of yoga they may become much more peaceful and focused with clear state of mind. In comparison to contact sports, yoga seems like a slow and gentle stretching exercise with delicate body movements, but these slow and gentle movements lay huge impact on an individual’s body in a good manner.


At present everyone is is becoming familiar with yoga, as it becomes a part of our daily routine. Many well known stars, celebrities and sportsmen regularly performed this activity and found it as a valuable approach for promoting overall wellness and health. It has been proved from various facts that nowadays top ranking sports personalities regularly practice yoga other than training schedule and considered it like staple tool for improving their performances from stamina to power to speed.

What is power yoga practice? It’s actually an important part of an athletic training session for enhancing flexibility, strength, stamina, balance and body mechanics. It is also helpful in improving concentration and mental focus during match so that athletes can stay in game for much longer time. Yoga teachers highly recommend professional athletes to perform yoga for boosting up their performances and for reducing risk of getting injury. Several studies have shown that stretching exercises like yoga in which the pose is hold for 5-10 or more seconds can be useful in increasing muscular power, joints mobility and prevention from injury.


What is power yoga exercise?  Pranayama, asana, and meditation are vital components of a power yoga exercise program. For playing a competitive sport, the athlete needs to be active outside, calm and focused on the inside. Subtle yoga exercises such as: pranayama and meditation, make it easier for athletes to remain focused and concentrate on an event during difficult situations. Controlled breathing exercises help athletes feel relaxed and composed during a stressful competition.

When athletes become serene and centered, is is easier to increase concentration, which gradually leads to overall mental stability required to maximize one’s performance. Body balance is also an essential component during competition.  Every athlete should strengthen the core in order to generate power from the center of the body. All coordinated movement is enhanced with a strong core as the muscles of the body and the mind work together for the best results.


By the regular practice of yoga techniques, athletes achieve a better flexibility level due to development of a strong core and better body balance. Flexibility is an important factor that may affect range of motion or mobility of muscles and joints. Physical postures help to loosen tighten muscles. Due to an increase in joint and muscle range of motion, the risk of having strain, pain, or injury decreases.

Other than unlimited physical benefits of yoga for athletes the practice may also aid in developing communication between the mind and body in order to bring out the best performance and potential. Power Yoga exercises may also improve the athlete’s ability to calm down and control impulses of the mind, which often distract athletes while performing. Athletes need to promote serenity and silence the mind the night before a competition. Many people do not realize that stress can make or break an athletic performance.


Getting back to the original question: What is power yoga? The power style is currently going through rapid evolution. Teachers from Ashtanga, Hatha, and Vinyasa lineages have moved into this contemporary style. Power yoga has attracted creators, who do not follow one single path. If the power style was simply an offshoot of the Yoga Korunta and the Ashtanga style, we would call it, “Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga.”  That said, power yoga has spun off in its own direction, with many innovative teachers at the helm. Teachers who state that power should adhere to the teachings of Ashtanga and the Yoga Korunta, should spend time in research of the lost manuscript and teachings of Sage Vamana Rishi. My point is: Power Yoga is clearly on its own path, which is purely innovative in nature.

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  1. Power Yoga is an intense physical practice, and my teacher takes more time holding poses, it is not gentle form of yoga. I practice this on regular basis and find the workouts challenging and fun.

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