Yoga Teacher Training: Patience

yoga instructor trainingBy Kimaya Singh

Over the years people have often wondered if patience was a side effect of Yogic practices. The short answer is yes. After all, Yoga is not a race. It is a journey. Yogic methodology is not a competition with others, it is about fulfillment within. Many people are drawn to Yoga because of the discipline and self awareness that is associated with it. As they practice, the self awareness starts to spill over into other areas in life. Practicing meditation, asana, and pranayama is a way to look inward and gain insights.

In today’s busy society, almost anything we desire is available in an instant. We have access to almost everything we want directly at our fingertips. Unfortunately, all of that accessibility often comes at a price. Patience is a virtue that needs to be practiced. We often find through Yoga training that slowing down and cultivating that patience is very rewarding. It allows us to connect with ourselves in ways that we have forgotten about. Life is fast paced enough, sometimes it is well worth it to just slow down and breathe.


Yoga training is a way to unplug yourself from the whirlwind of life. It offers more than just relaxation. It is also a way to look inward and figure out what is truly important. It is a way to stay grounded in today’s always moving society. Practicing Yoga is more than just a way to improve physical flexibility, it is also a way to build mental and emotional flexibility. All of that can help increase our patience levels, within ourselves and toward others.

If you teach classes, the time you spent in yoga teacher training has probably helped you gain insights about yourself and others. It is a way to step back and objectively look at your life. The time that you spend on personal practice is that much needed time that will help you recharge yourself. It will help your self discipline and self awareness. Practicing Yoga regularly is fulfilling, and that fulfillment can lead to a better state of mind. Instead of constantly looking to external sources to make us happy, it is often better to look within. The deeper levels of patience you will find might just surprise you.


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