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Online Power Yoga Certification Course

Online Power Yoga Certification CourseBy Faye Martins

Is an online Power Yoga certification course right for you? What are the best certification options these days? You have the traditional get togethers, but some people would prefer traditional distance learning or an online course. Additionally, there are hybrids, which are a mix of these, but let’s look at the three of them. Power Yoga is a  modern style which was created in the 1990s. So, it’s not a traditional style, but let’s look at the traditional Yoga teacher training concept. Before the internet, traditional hands-on training courses were the most common and a few training facilities had and still have distance learning courses that were shipped by mail or UPS. Now, there are courses that have instant access with online dashboards, so courses have evolved into the next generation of intensives.


Hands-On Training Concepts

In a facility with hands-on, or in-person training, there will be some traveling involved.  You might meet on weekends for months or the training may be 30 to 60 days. The location may be local or it might meet in an exotic location. Some Yoga teacher training intensives have a casual atmosphere and the facility may be more like a vacation resort. Depending on your age, family commitments, and occupational responsibilities, the vacation facility is a great time. Yet, it requires a lot of money. If you have financial backing, an exotic location and beautiful ocean air are calling to you. You might even meet your soul mate on the beach.

Like any subject, there’s much to learn about Power Yoga. Will it be easy to remember flowing sequences or to transform  from a serious student to an exceptional teacher? Some of us have trouble focusing on studies while gourmet food, hot tubs, beaches, and potential soul mates are attracting our attention. Humans are able to multitask, but all of us have limits. As for me, distractions don’t help me during intensive training sessions.


Distance Learning Concepts

Some people find the mail order training to be exciting, while others find it boring. Books, DVDs, and CDs are usually included. Some of us have devices to play the disks and some of us don’t. Yet, I see some people watching DVDs on Play Stations. I’m not a techie, but have noticed that “when there is a will, there is a way.” Nevertheless, opening a box that was sent by mail is always a bit of fun, even when you know what to expect. Some of us love to receive clothes, shoes, handbags, and make-up.

Now that I’ve painted the big picture, a self-contained course might have an online meeting place, such as a Facebook group, blogs, or a YouTube channel. There will be some online features, but the strong point is you have most or all of what you need in a self-contained teacher training course. Learning subjects like how, when and why should we be assisting and correcting students in the classroom.


Online Learning Concepts

With an online Power Yoga certification course, you can learn anywhere you can run a device. For my eyes, I would prefer a tablet or bigger to work from. The objective is to safely teach Power Yoga classes. With the help of an online dashboard, interns learn how to become a safe and inspiring teacher. Everything is contained within the dashboard except books. Authors may not give permission to have their book installed in an online course. Some day technology may change to make that possible.

So, as far as students are concerned, why doesn’t everyone take the latest and greatest online Power Yoga certification course? The answer is complicated, but understandable. Human behavior, preferences, and conditions are not the same for all of us. Some of us like to travel in the best and worst of times. Some students choose similar styles, such as Ashtanga Vinyasa or Vinyasa Yoga teacher training. Another concern is some of us prefer to do most of our reading without looking into a glowing screen.


Which Subjects Will Be Covered?

Most traditional and online Power Yoga certification courses cover anatomy, warm ups, postures, cool downs, and one or two Yogic breathing techniques. Ujjayi Pranayama is the primary breathing technique, because it is practiced during the sequence or flow. This is a common concept within Vinyasa styles as well.

Why do we have to learn Yoga anatomy?

The main reason for anatomy training is to be aware of how to prevent injuries in your classes. If you have practiced for years and escaped injury: you are very lucky or you have a great teacher who keeps you out of harm’s way. Either way, as a teacher, you will be expected to have a safe track record. Teachers who run their students into the ground become famous. However, this isn’t the kind of fame anyone wants. Teachers who lose students due to injuries can find themselves in court. Which insurance company wants to cover the instructor who regularly has liability claims and constant legal battles?

Is there something missing in an online Power Yoga certification course?

Some people will tell you Power Yoga is Ashtanga. It’s not Ashtanga, which is also physical, but has a philosophical side. So, there is a difference between Ashtanga and Power Yoga, but there are some physical qualities they both share. As for Power Yoga in particular – You won’t be doing much, if any, chanting, meditation, relaxation, or discussion of Yogic philosophy. Power Yoga is structured primarily like an exercise class. Some teachers don’t have the desire to get into the mental, emotional, or spiritual aspects of Yoga and this particular style draws them like a magnet. If you’re looking to teach a style that is more about exercise, and less about singing around the camp fire, this is the style for you.


Features of an Online Power Yoga Certification Course

Among the features of an online Power Yoga certification course is a detailed syllabus. Students have many ways to contact teacher trainers these days. Phone calls and Email are part of the package. Detailed step-by-step instructions help self-driven students proceed through the lessons. Students often send Email or connect with a peer group on Facebook or another meeting place.

Most important of all is the journey of steady progress. If an intern invests four to five hours per week on an online course, that amounts to a tremendous boost of progress over time. We all have busy lives and many responsibilities, but online learning makes it possible to achieve goals that we may have thought were not possible. Welcome to a time, when you have choices.

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