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Online Yoga Education – Saving Expenses

Online Yoga educationBy Faye Martins

Online Yoga education courses have increased in popularity over the years.  The real advantage of the Digital Age is the amount of information that can be easily processed conveniently and without as much expense. This has given those looking for adult education another lease on life. Before the Internet, people looking to expand upon their education for either business or pleasure were forced into a rigid schedule. There were limited night classes, which didn’t help if you worked second shift. Many times students would not be able to complete school course studies because they would not have the time to do so and keep their day jobs.


However, online Yoga education has opened many opportunities for many people. You now do not have to quit your day job or even reschedule yourself into inconvenience. You can get an accredited online education for anything from finance to Yoga without even leaving your room.

Yoga Education Online

Getting an online Yoga education will also save you a great deal of expenses. First of all, you will not have to drive to a physical location in order to attend a class. With the rising prices of gas, this is a considerable expense to save on. However, this is not the only way in which you save.


Online Yoga education courses usually have a much more flexible schedule than a classroom course. Therefore, you also save the money of lost wages. You do not have to quit your job because you can take classes at night, or in the morning, whichever is more convenient for you.

For teacher training, online Yoga education courses also usually cost less. Many people mistakenly think that this price difference is because online education courses are somehow less reputable than classroom courses. Yet, most every university has online courses. In fact, online courses are actually less expensive because you are not paying for the classroom or the overhead of the real estate. Online yoga instructor trainers are usually experienced teacher trainers who provide distance learning courses at discount rates. As you take an online yoga course, you are getting the exact same teaching experience as you would in the classroom.


You also have the opportunity to save lectures and replay them at your convenience online. You can also skip ahead if you finish your work ahead of time. Also, if you fall behind, you can more easily find answers to your questions through the blogs and forums or by contacting your tutor. You do not have to compete with the other students to get your question answered.

Aside from any of these many advantages is the simple convenience of learning how to teach yoga in the comfort of your own home. Take full advantage of this opportunity if you are an adult looking for further online Yoga education.

© Copyright – Aura Wellness Center – Publications Division


© Copyright – Aura Wellness Center – Publications Division

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Versatility for Yoga Instructors
By Kathryn Boland

Have you sought to broaden what you can offer as a yoga instructor? Why? How so? As yoga diversifies and reaches a wider population, so do the number of certified yoga instructors looking for work. The more types of classes that you can teach, the better chance you’ll have of standing out from the crowd, as well as being able to take on opportunities that come your way.

There are countless schools of yoga out there, all with unique approaches and avenues for learning them- from Iyengar to Ashtanga to classical Hatha, to more modern forms such as Buti Yoga and Yoga Tune-Up. Forms for specialized populations, such as Yoga for 12 Step Recovery and Chair Yoga, further broaden the field.

Learning such separate forms can also strengthen the teaching of what you already teach, as well as potentially re-ignite your passion for yoga practice and teaching. What you learn from online Yoga education in one area may complement or clarify through contrast what you’ve previously learned. For instance, I’m presently studying for a Kids Yoga certification. The exemplified way of describing some of yoga’s complexities to children and adolescents is helping me be clearer in doing that when I teach adults!


Another example of this might be when training in an Iyengar style, coming to offer students more moments to fully refine and remain in poses – or, on the other end of the spectrum, more fully embracing continuous movement in your Vinyasa teaching. If offered with grace and a mindful approach, and in accordance with what’s best for the students in front of you, none of the above can be “wrong.” Expanding your teaching versatility can also offer knowledge and tools to help you adapt better in those moments when what you initially offer isn’t best for your current students, and you need to shift to something different.

Online Yoga education creates new skills and refreshes old ones. Having a range of styles in your teacher “toolbox”, so to speak, can again also broaden what opportunities out there you are able to take on. This determination is two-sided – both in an employer’s standards and general comfort level, and in yours. Having experience teaching a style is a first step to getting further opportunities. Even better, by most people’s judgement and common sense, is a certification (beyond the requisite, basic 200-hour YTT).

In the case of a former, there seems to be a bit of a Catch-22; where’s the way in? Assisting experienced teachers in a specific form, taking classes in it, doing independent research on it, and then someone taking a chance on you, can be a way that it happens. As with yoga teaching in general, this can happen at first through “subbing” – which most often has a lower threshold of entry, wherein employers are more willing to take a chance on you.


Looping back to the idea of expanded opportunity, being able to teach a variety of forms – particularly at studios that offer a variety of forms – can broaden when you are able to step in and help. Apart from added income, exposure to new students, and a fresh new experience, it’s fulfilling to help out a fellow teacher through covering (particularly when it’s getting down to the wire and they begin to panic – you can help relieve that stress!).

In turn, they’ll most likely to cover when you may need it. It all establishes an atmosphere of reciprocity and communal support. Even without that returned support, the listed benefits hold true – and usually some teacher is available and eager to help when you need it! This all also applies in the wider scope of employers looking to add a certain style into the schedule and needing a qualified teacher to fill it. In certain cases, that can be you!

Online Yoga education courses give you skills that will be useful for facilities that need variety. In some cases, studio owners offer a list of open time slots and express that they’d like to see some new types of classes in there, so “please speak up with any good ideas”! With ability to teach a variety of forms, you can propose a class in a style that’s not otherwise offered where you’re teaching. Sometimes factors such as available time and day can prevent your class idea from taking off – but without trying, you can never know if it might succeed.


In all of this, we need to consider many yoga instructors’ constraints on time, money, energy, and mental space. When it comes to learning additional forms, various online resources are available free, or at a very reasonable cost. Aura Wellness Center offers online Yoga education courses at low cost and which can be done at your convenience. With further trainings, teachers can also come the ability to offer various and unique workshops and trainings, which can be a very generous extra income for instructors.

We can cover the initial training investment before we know it, with the potential for many further work opportunities to come! It’s safe to say that most yoga instructors don’t go into this field for the money. We want to make a difference, and experience the fulfillment and connection that comes from that. Becoming a more versatile instructor is one way we can increase the extent to which all of these things happen.

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