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Yoga Poses for Tennis Players

best Yoga poses for tennis players

By Dr. Paul Jerard, E-RYT 500, YACEP

Yoga poses for tennis players are usually meant to be therapeutic. Generally speaking, these poses can improve balance and alleviate stress, which is good for injury prevention. Yoga should not be taken lightly, so those who do choose to do it should consult with a doctor first. Players should also avoid practicing intense exercises the day of or the day before matches or practices. When practiced properly, Yoga is beneficial for any type of athlete. As a result, Yoga enhances flexibility, promoting quicker recovery time and better performance overall.


Ultimate Cross-Training

Yoga is an excellent cross-training method for tennis players because it strengthens the muscles that are especially important in the sport. Given these points, this can improve agility, strength, balance, and rotation. Yoga often requires holding long poses, which strengthens the core and helps to improve balance. As well as assisting with or preventing injuries and improving body awareness, Yoga teaches us to find inner calm. Yoga can be beneficial for tennis players, but they should practice the poses at a slower pace to avoid injuries.

Injury Prevention

Yoga poses for tennis players focus on stretching and strengthening different areas of the body. There are many useful postures, such as Warrior I Pose and Downward Dog Pose. In addition, poses that help athletes maintain healthy breathing are also good exercises, such as Dolphin Pose and Pose of a Child. Yoga is not only a great way to relax and clear the mind, but it is also an excellent exercise for tennis players since it helps prevent injuries from all angles. Overall, these specific Yoga poses can be helpful for all levels of tennis players. In the long run, poses and transitional movement develop better flexibility and strength, which will likely improve one’s game.


Muscle Recovery

Obviously, Yoga poses are a form of weight-bearing exercise that strengthens the body but also improves mental focus and energy. Anyone can get in on the benefits with a ten-minute Yoga session. Should tennis players participate in Yoga for muscle recovery? Yes, but the type of Yoga might depend on your limitations and injuries, so talk to your doctor before making any changes. There are some things you can try out at first such as gentle poses for balance or flexibility. Basic transitions from one pose to the next are also an important part of Yoga.

Power of Focusing

Yoga can be a great way to relax and prepare for difficult matches, but it is also beneficial for mental training. When you practice for hours on end, your brain starts to get fatigued. Yoga is extremely helpful in aiding your mental focus and discipline. If you are nervous before a match, remember some calming reminders from Yoga practice that will help you cope with the pressure on game day.


Reducing Risk

The practice of Yoga is popular in the world of sports. The benefits of Yoga include creating stability and harmony throughout the body and mind. At the same time, you are rejuvenating tired muscles, improving coordination, and enhancing balance. In brief, this is among the many other benefits for both mind and body. Yoga poses focus on areas like upper and lower body strength, balance, and reduction of injury risk (among others). For example, a Downward Dog Pose stretches out the back muscles, strengthens your hands, legs, and arms everything else in between!

Muscular Balance

Yoga can help manage anxiety and stress brought on by intense competitions in sports. Yoga also balances muscular effort that may lead to tight muscles and decreased flexibility needed for tennis-specific movements. Injury prevention is emphasized by Yoga’s low-impact nature, and it helps with the recovery of injuries. All this, while Yoga builds strength, endurance, and mental focus, which are all necessary for effective tennis performance.



A more peaceful mind makes players able to better focus on their game, especially when they are in “the zone.” One way to train the mind is by completing mindful movements while visualizing a tennis serve. When you imagine your body on the court or in a Yoga pose, it allows you to be aware of your physical sensations during these moments. These opportunities for awareness can help you break negative habits and create new mental patterns.

Championship Mindset

When you’re on the tennis court, your mind needs to be focused. Often, tennis matches are won or lost because of which player had a composed mind when it mattered most. Yoga can help with that. Yoga is known for its calming and meditative effects, which can be used to power through those long stretches in a tight match.


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Yoga Poses for Tennis Players: Seated Spinal Twist

By: Virginia Iversen, M.Ed

What are the best Yoga poses for tennis players?  Many Yoga practitioners find themselves cross-training in a number of athletic activities. Each athletic activity comes with its own set of risks and rewards. Often, the risks involved are the wear and tear on our own bodies from the repetitive nature of many sports. In the sport of tennis, tennis players often strain their elbows, wrists, shoulders, and Achilles’ tendons.


Seated Spinal Twist

Seated Spinal Twist is one of the best Yoga poses for tennis players. It is a very effective asana for releasing tension throughout the torso, arms, shoulders, and neck area. It also helps to release tension in the hips and the outside of your thighs. Eventually, these are areas that often become tight while playing tennis. To practice Seated Spinal Twist: warm-up first with a series of Sun Salutations, and then sit on your Yoga mat in Easy Seat. Seated Spinal Twist is generally practiced toward the end of Yoga practice. Usually, the Seated Spinal Twist is part of a set of seated twists and forward folding postures.

Finishing Up

When you are ready to practice Seated Spinal Twist, place the sole of your right foot flush against the inside of your left thigh. Your right hip and right knee should remain in alignment with each other. Next, place your left foot a few inches behind the outside of your right knee. Keep your left foot facing towards the front of your Yoga mat and your left knee pointing directly towards the sky. Next, place your right elbow outside of your left knee with your right hand pointing straight up. Then, position your left hand a few inches directly behind you on your Yoga mat. At the same time, keep your fingers pointing toward the back of the room.


Releasing Stress

The work in this Yoga pose is to use the leverage of your arms. Additionally, the movement of your breath is used to subtly wind and unwind the asana as you inhale and exhale. With each inhale; twist a little deeper by leveraging your right elbow against your left knee. Then, with each exhale; allow the pose to release just an inch or two. Continue practicing Seated Spinal Twist in this way for three to five complete breaths, wringing out and releasing stress and tension throughout your entire torso, shoulders, and neck with each inhale and exhale. After that, repeat the Seated Spinal Twist on the other side.

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