Teaching Yoga For Healthy Emotional Flow

Yoga For Healthy Emotional FlowBy Kimaya Singh

Do you know why students come to your classes? Do you ever ask? What is Yoga For healthy emotional flow? You might think stress or weight loss and you might be right, but the truth is there are many different reasons. Some students want to belong and some want a sanctuary from anxiety, depressed feelings and the pressure of life. Yoga teacher training has equipped instructors with the tools to offer a haven where students can recover and restore emotional health.


The connection between Yogic methodology and emotional health is a powerful one. The practice of Yoga has long since been known to help bring certain emotions to the surface and help with the healing process. As we move through our practice and connect our minds and bodies, we can help to relieve stress and move past the pain that sometimes occurs in life. This can occur at times when it is least expected or we can actively use Yoga as a tool in which to be emotionally healthier. After all, our practice helps to ground us in ways that we may not otherwise be opened to without it.

Although emotional pain is often a part of life, people often find themselves unable to deal with it on all levels. Or they choose to deal with it by turning to unhealthy habits, such as: Eating too much or drinking too much, among other things. Yoga is a healthy way to deal with the ups and downs of life. It can be a way to guide us through dark times and help us examine our inner thoughts and feelings. It can also give us something to look forward to during stressful times. How often have you left class feeling decidedly better than when you went in? Yogic practices don’t just help us physically; there is a definite emotional uplifting aspect to our practice as well.


Hatha Yoga is more than just moving through a series of asanas. It is a way for us to challenge our bodies and discipline our minds. It can help to keep us focused while strengthening us, physically and emotionally. Because Yoga is non-competitive, we focus more on ourselves than others around us in class. That is often a positive aspect, because so often in life our focus is on what’s going on externally instead of internally.

Taking the time to connect with our inner selves and examining our emotions is something that is very healthy. Yoga For healthy emotional flow can offer us a way to work through emotions, allowing us to look at things from a different level and hopefully find a way to overcome emotional obstacles so that we can truly get the most out of life.

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