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Benefits of Pranayama – The Yoga of Breath

Raja Yoga places a high value on what some people refer to as “breathing.” Yet, pranayama is actually the systematic cultivation of prana (energy). When one practices pranayama, the ratio of breath is important for controlling the amount of energy one draws in.

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Breathing In Yoga Training

Pranayama is the breathing commonly practiced during Yoga classes. Each breath inhaled must be exhaled, and the position our body is in determines the duration that the breath is in our body. Controlling pranayama during Yoga training sessions provides oxygen to the body and also causes it to release toxins and waste products from our body.

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Activate the Solar Plexus with Pranayama Exercises

Many standing Yoga poses and pranayama exercises help to strengthen and activate the Manipura Chakra. The Ha Kriya is a very powerful Kundalini Yoga breathing technique for activating and re-energizing the Third Chakra.

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The Breath in Yoga Postures

Whether you just finished your third yoga certification course or are a new student breathing is an integral part of a well-rounded practice. It helps with circulation and relaxation, it helps you go deeper into a pose and it helps you hold poses longer. Competent Yoga instructors constantly remind students to pay attention to their breath.

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Kapalabhati: Skull Shining Breath for Creativity

Including pranayama exercises into your Yoga practice will clear your mind of unnecessary thoughts and revitalize your entire body with an immediate flow of fresh oxygen and nutrients. Skull Shining Breath, also known as Kapalabhati Pranayama, is one of the most effective pranayama techniques for igniting the creative spark and clearing out all of your “mental cobwebs.”

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Increasing Agni in your Yoga Class: Bhastrika Pranayama

If a Yoga student has high blood pressure or a heart condition, Bhastrika Pranayama is not recommended. A daily practice of Bhastrika Pranayama, for five to ten minutes prior to asana practice or meditation, will help to calm and soothe the mind as it invigorates the body.

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Breath of Life – Pranayama

Pranayama helps us to moderate this energy. Everyone hopes to enjoy a long, active and healthy life, free from disease. Therefore it is…

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Common Pranayama Techniques for Yoga Class

Pranayama is often referred to as breath control, or yogic breathing. Pranayamas are beneficial in keeping the body healthy and free of toxins.

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Intermediate Pranayama Exercises for Trauma Survivors

One round of Kapalbhati Pranayama consists of thirty quick inhales and exhales. Do three rounds of Skull Shining Breath and then pause to feel the effects of this powerful pranayama technique. Breath at a pace that is comfortable for you and be aware of feelings and memories that may arise during your practice.

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