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Teaching Private Yoga Lessons

yoga lessonsBy Faye Martins

Have you noticed that only a few teachers focus on teaching private Yoga lessons? It’s not the path well traveled. These days, millions of people practice Yoga regularly, and new students are just beginning to learn each day. Yoga has expanded from retreat centers and ashrams to mainstream settings such as health clubs, community centers, schools, hospitals, and even jails. With new technology, it is possible to have a private lesson through Zoom or similar companies that make it possible to teach a live class remotely. Today’s private, semi-private, or group sessions by Internet raise many possibilities for students and teachers alike.



Although there are opportunities to work as a Yoga instructor in many group settings, a Yoga teacher may also want to consider offering private lessons to his or her students. Working as a private Yoga instructor can be both very rewarding and lucrative. You will be able to work with people who may not otherwise be able to attend a Yoga class physically. Teaching privately enables you to set your rates and hours. You can learn in your car while traveling from client to client. Many commuters learn new skills as they listen to educational information along the way.

Understanding the Landscape

There are currently hundreds of Yoga teacher training programs for instructors worldwide. Many of these programs offer 200-hour and 500-hour levels of teacher certifications. Despite a lagging economy, or perhaps more accurately because of the lagging economy, more and more people are turning to the calming, restorative, and stress-reducing practices learned in Yoga lessons. Yet, most programs for teachers don’t mention opportunities for teachers or teaching private Yoga lessons.



Whether you are looking to supplement your income by teaching private Yoga lessons or want to teach only privately, building up your private clientele eventually may be a wise choice. Of course, the demographic area where you teach is important when evaluating if you should focus on developing a private Yoga student base.

Client Needs

It would help if you worked in an area where people generally have enough disposable income to pay for private Yoga instruction. It would be best to gear your marketing efforts to more affluent neighborhoods. You may also want to consider working through a referral agency that will place you in a hospital or medical facility where you could work with patients recovering from serious medical conditions.


Overhead Costs

Remember that you must charge enough per hour to compensate for travel expenses and commuting time. Don’t undervalue the convenience or quality of offering private Yoga lessons. If you are teaching private lessons over the Internet, you still have overhead costs, so you don’t want to sell yourself short. Some think your time, education, experience, website, photography equipment, studio, Zoom membership, and other overhead costs are free. That said, an Internet lesson should be within the same range as an in-person lesson. We wish we could travel, teach and live a free life, but we also have to be realistic.


A great way to evaluate what kind of Yoga your students are interested in and how much they would be willing to pay is to hand out questionnaires at the end of one of your classes. Ask them to give you feedback on how much they would feel comfortable paying and what type of Yoga they would be most interested in studying on a private, one-on-one basis. You could give out gift certificates to the local coffee shop or juice bar as an incentive to fill out the questionnaire. On the other hand, you run a survey online and give a report away as a gift. This gives you a chance to send useful information to potential clients.


Teaching Online vs. In-Person

Teaching private yoga lessons is an excellent way to provide individualized instruction and support for students. Each can be done in person or online, and each has advantages. In-person private yoga lessons offer a more personal connection with the student. The teacher can observe the student’s form and offer hands-on corrections, which can benefit beginners or those working on challenging poses. There is also the opportunity to build rapport and get to know the student deeper, making the experience more enjoyable for both parties. Online private yoga lessons have their own set of benefits. They are generally more convenient for students since they can be done from the comfort of the student’s home and are often more affordable. They also offer a great way to connect with students who live in different areas or have schedules that don’t allow in-person meetings.

Best Part of Teaching Online

There are many wonderful aspects to teaching private yoga lessons online, but the best part is reaching students worldwide. With technology making it so easy to connect with people from anywhere, it’s easier than ever to teach private yoga lessons online and reach a global audience. It’s incredibly gratifying to share one’s love of yoga with people from all corners of the globe, and there’s no better way to do that than by teaching private yoga lessons online. Additionally, no traveling is required to teach online classes.


Global Reach

By offering private yoga lessons online, you can connect with students who might not otherwise have access to quality yoga instruction. Not only that but teaching private yoga lessons online allows you to design customized programs for each student based on their individual needs and goals. This way, you can ensure that each student gets the most out of their private yoga lesson and leaves them feeling motivated and inspired.

Advantages of Teaching In-Person

Teaching private yoga lessons can be rewarding, but one of the best parts is meeting students in person and forming a connection with them. You can get to know someone and their practice by teaching someone in person. You can learn about their goals, their challenges, and what they need from their yoga practice. This information can help you tailor your lessons to each student, making them more effective and personal. In-person private yoga sessions also allow for a deeper level of communication than online or virtual classes. You can give hands-on adjustments and offer real-time feedback to help students progress in their practice. Forming relationships with your students is one of the most rewarding aspects of teaching private yoga lessons. When you connect with someone on a personal level, you can help them not only improve their practice but also enrich their life in general.



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  1. Hi. I am a yoga teacher in New Haven, CT and I have been so surprised how easy it is to get people to try a private class. I live very close to my studio and I charge a very small amount for privates. As a new-ish teacher and someone interested in therapeutic yoga, it’s an easy way to get experience. Thanks for the article.

  2. By teaching some private Yoga lessons a teacher can make another better income source or it can be regular basis by building up their private clientele.

  3. Referral agency can help a teacher to find out the opportunities for teaching private yoga. The article is informative for people who want to take yoga teacher training.

  4. Hi- I have been a yoga instructor for several years and want to work with hospitals. Could you please let me know of any hospitals you are aware of? That would be wonderful!

    • If you want to work with hospitals, you are better off to create or buy a mailing list for post cards. Paid mailing lists will have a contact name and you want to mail every 1-2 months.

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