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Is Yoga Weight Loss Really Possible?

become a yoga teacherBy Kimaya Singh

No other holistic path brings body and soul into harmony like the Indian teaching of Yoga does. Actresses, models, directors, and housewives practice the ancient art of Yoga to process stress or to prevent it altogether in the first place. Nevertheless, is there anything else Yogic methods can offer besides inner peace? Indeed, with only a few Yoga exercises, one can obtain a perfect body shape, thus, reach his or her ideal weight.


Yogic Lifestyle

Can Yoga help one to lose weight permanently? This is still a controversial topic that brings about many different opinions. The fact is that Yoga can be both a physical and mental activity simultaneously, which solely depends on the exact training method or style. Regardless of which kind of Yoga is ultimately practiced, the Indian doctrine is in no way comparable with regular exercise or sports. Yoga is a holistic practice involving more than just the physical body; its methods are gradual. There is no encouragement to injure oneself for short-term gain. As a comparison, a 135-pound person would burn about 150 to 200 calories for an hour of Yoga exercise.


In an hour of workout, swimming, or jogging, the calories burned would be approximately 300 to 500 calories, which is at least double the amount of Yoga. However, with a very physical Yoga style and application, it can reduce weight faster. This is due to the unrealistic demand to lose weight at all costs. This is why hot Yoga has grown, due to the demand for reducing body weight. Gentle Yoga creates strength and understanding of one’s own body. This harmony supports the person to understand that his or her body is not an enemy that has to be fought with but, rather, something he or she must cherish.


Wisdom of Yoga

It is essential to absorb the wisdom of Yoga, as learning how to deal with daily stress, combined with a correct diet, sets the first foundation toward successful weight loss without much trouble. However, it is vital to remember that only a moderate long-term goal and a realistic time frame will create the desired results. Of course, one can relate the positive side effects on the body’s fitness and the reached dream weight to the Yoga exercise. As with any other physical activity, the number of calories consumed rises with exertion.

Level of Exercise

Implementing additional yoga exercises into the daily routine, such as Ashtanga, Power Yoga, and Hot Yoga can aid in burning even more calories than usual. Yet, moderation is still a key element at the heart of Yogic practices. It must be realized that Yoga alone is certainly no calorie killer. The Yogic path can promote and support a healthy lifestyle and controlled physical activity. Although Yoga does not make people slim, it paves the way toward a relaxed, balanced, and healthy lifestyle, which, in the end, includes an ideal body weight for that person. Is Yoga a weight loss solution?  Due to Yogic lifestyle changes and long-term effects – Yes, it is.


Yoga and Walking

In recent years, combining yoga and walking has become increasingly popular to lose weight. Does this combination help with weight loss results? There is some evidence that yoga can help with weight loss. There is a study published in the Journal of Obesity that found that people who practiced yoga for three months lost more weight than those who didn’t. A review of research published in the International Journal of Yoga found that yoga can help reduce body fat, especially around the waist. Walking is also a great exercise for weight loss. Walking is one of the most recommended exercises for people trying to lose weight. A study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that walking for just 30 minutes a day can help you lose weight. So, the combination of yoga and walking may help you lose weight.

Weight Resistance and Yoga

Does the combination of yoga and weight resistance help with weight loss results? The answer is yes! Yoga can help to burn calories and promote weight loss, while resistance training can help to build muscle and boost metabolism. Regarding weight loss, focusing on calorie burning and metabolism is important. The combination of yoga and weight resistance can help you to achieve both of these things. Yoga helps to burn calories through the use of various postures and movements. It can also help to promote weight loss by increasing your heart rate and improving your circulation. Weight resistance, on the other hand, helps to build muscle and boost metabolism. This type of training can also help to increase your strength and endurance.


Low-Carb Diet and Yoga

Combining yoga and a low-carb diet can help with weight loss. Many people find this combination especially effective in helping them lose weight. The reason why this combination works so well is that it helps to improve your metabolism and burn more calories. Furthermore, it also helps to reduce your appetite so that you consume fewer calories overall. Of course, as with any weight loss plan, it is important to ensure that you also get plenty of exercise and a healthy diet.

Holistic Lifestyle Strategy

We often think of weight loss as a physical goal, but it’s so much more than that. Yoga is a holistic approach to managing our health, including the body, mind, and spirit. When we focus on the physical aspects of weight loss, we often miss out on the other important aspects of our health. Yoga helps us to connect with our bodies and to be more mindful of our eating habits and patterns. It also helps us release stress and relax physically and mentally. Yoga is not a quick fix for weight loss, but it is a sustainable approach that can help us to make lasting changes in our lives.


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