Restorative Yoga Poses for Anxiety

Yoga poses for anxietyBy Virginia Iversen

What are the best restorative Yoga poses for anxiety? Firstly, let’s look at anxiety and how it affects us.  Anxiety is often defined as the fear of being hurt in the future. Anxiety is a form of fear, fear of physical or emotional harm in some form. Anxious feeling may be completely appropriate for the situation we are in, or the anxious feelings may be dramatically disproportionate for the situation at hand. In either case, the physical and emotional reactions to anxiety will remain similar in each situation. Your palms may sweat and your heart may beat faster. You may find yourself perspiring more and experiencing digestive distress. All of these physical reactions occur in order to prepare the body to fight or flee a dangerous situation. However, when anxious feeling are continual or do not match the reality of the situation at hand, they can impede us from living a healthy and fully engaged life. Restorative Yoga Poses for anxiety are wonderful tools for slowling down and releasing anxious thoughts and feelings.


Supported Supine Bow Pose

Supine Yoga poses for anxiety that are backbends have positive effects, because they are in the heart opening family of postures. To practice Supported Supine Bow Pose, you will need a bolster and two blankets. If you do not have a bolster, fold a thick blanket or towel to approximately the same size and shape as a Yoga bolster. Place the bolster lengthwise on your Yoga mat. Fold the two blankets into squares and place them where your knees will be. Gently lie back over your Yoga bolster. The bolster should support your entire upper torso and head. Bend your knees and bring the soles of your feet together in a diamond shape. Adjust the folded blankets so they are directly under your knees. If you have an eye pillow, place it over your eyes and let your arms rest by your sides. You may wish to place a blanket over your lower torso for an added sense of support and comfort. Hold this pose for several minutes. When you are ready to come out of the pose, roll softly to your right side and come up to a sitting position. Pause and reflect on how you feel.


Legs Up the Wall Pose

Legs Up the Wall Pose is one of the better Yoga poses for anxiety. It is a mild inversion and will give you many of the benefits of a full inversion in a restful and supported manner. To enter this pose, come to a wall in your home or Yoga studio. Place the short end of your Yoga mat against the wall. Scoot one side of your bottom flush against the wall. Slowly lie back on your mat as you raise your legs up the wall. For support, you may wish to place a folded blanket or Yoga block under your hips. Keep your legs active by reaching them towards the ceiling with your feet slightly flexed. Hold this pose for several minutes. When you are ready, bring your legs down and roll to your right side. Come up to a sitting position with your next inhale and pause for a few moments in Easy Seat.


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  1. Sometimes anxious feeling is appropriate for the situation and sometimes its prevent us to adapt with the situation. Restorative Yoga Pose helps us to adapt with present situation. Nice article!

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