Why Do You Want to Start a Yoga Teacher Training Course?

Why Do You Want to Start a Yoga Teacher Training Course?

start a Yoga teacher training courseBy Dr. Paul Jerard, E-RYT 500, YACEP

When considering teaching Yoga as part of your future, you might ask yourself, “Why do I want to start a Yoga teacher training course?” The beauty of Yoga is that your practice is constantly evolving as you progress along life’s journey. Each of us walks a unique path.


Inspired By Practice

Perhaps you began as a student, flowing into Downward Dog and stretching into Pigeon Pose. As you expanded your practice, you became inspired to introduce others to Yoga and began assisting your teacher or considering teaching classes independently. Your progression pushed you towards a desire to dive deeper, and you’re considering entering into a Yoga teacher certification program.


For many practitioners, entering teacher training allows them to share their knowledge with others, immerse themselves further into the practice, and bond with like-minded individuals. If you’re considering beginning a Yoga teacher training course, you should get clear on your motives to determine whether it is an aligned way to invest your time, work, finances, and energy.


The Importance of Finding Your Why

Some of us live an entire lifetime on autopilot. Many of us live our lives going through the motions. We may not be in tune with the reasons behind our actions. The more we follow our routines, the more we forget why we do them. That leads us to lose touch with our desires. If we don’t know what we want, we can’t even begin to develop a plan. Forgetting our motivations can leave us feeling stuck.

True Purpose

You might have the money, time, and resources to start a Yoga teacher training course, but if you aren’t sure why you’re doing it. After all, Yoga could be another activity that becomes stagnant over time. Yet, Yoga reminds us to stay in touch with ourselves. When you remain aware of your desires, you will pursue your true purpose, remain motivated, and feel fulfilled.


What Motivates You

Therefore, it’s essential to know why you want to start a Yoga teacher training course if you want to stay inspired as you see your dreams through. If you’re finding it challenging to pinpoint the reasons for starting a Yoga teacher certification program, consider the following possible motives.

Share What You Have Learned

If you have gained a wealth of knowledge and wisdom from your teacher, you might want to pay it forward. You can customize what you share. Think about what you have learned in your Yoga classes. What did you love? What was missing? This may be your chance to provide something lacking in many classes in your area.


Connect With Your Community

Most practitioners appreciate the community surrounding the practice as much as the poses. Participating in Yoga teacher training allows you to connect with compatible people differently than you did before. Your associations can provide lifelong support for you professionally and personally.

Expand Your Knowledge

Even when you’re the teacher, you’ll learn from your students. Creating a class lesson plan will continue to provide more valuable lessons. Being open to ongoing learning is excellent motivation to continue studying Yoga for life.


Empower Others

Something that many Yoga teaching certification courses don’t focus on is confidence. You’ll be leading students through all the components inherent to Yoga. You can also teach them how to find their power and access their confidence, a skill that your students will have for the rest of their lives. Yoga is about empowering others and helping them find their own strength and inner peace.

Improve Lives

As a yoga teacher, you can show your students that they can do more than they ever thought possible. Your guidance and support allow your students to tap into a reservoir of strength and power they never knew they had. You will help them find a sense of calm and peace that they can take off the mat and into their everyday lives. In short, as a yoga teacher, you can improve lives.



If your reason for starting a Yoga teacher training course is significant, you’ll have a better chance of success. Within your heart, is there a deep-rooted passion for Yoga? On the other hand, if your reasons are shallow, you won’t be in alignment with the purpose of Yoga instructor training. Some reasons not to start a Yoga teacher training course are to get rich quickly, to demonstrate your authority, or to your friends are doing it.


If you’re thinking about enrolling in a yoga teacher training course, chances are that one of your motivations is to build self-confidence. After all, who wouldn’t want to feel more confident in their abilities and physical appearance? Fortunately, there are plenty of ways that yoga can help you to build self-confidence. For starters, practicing yoga requires you to be comfortable in your skin and have faith in your own strength and flexibility.


Confidence Grows

As you progress through your training, you’ll likely find that your confidence grows on and off the mat. In addition, many yoga teacher training courses emphasize helping students find their authentic voices. This can be a compelling experience, as it allows you to explore what feels true for you and connect with your deepest values.

Skills and Knowledge

When you know what you stand for, it’s much easier to feel confident in yourself and your ability to make choices aligned with your values. Finally, the process of becoming a yoga teacher itself is often seen as a confidence-building experience. After all, if you can stand up in front of a group of people and lead them through a yoga class, that’s pretty impressive. The skills and knowledge you gain during your training will also boost confidence that can be applied in other areas of your life.


Calling to Teach

These reasons don’t line up with the philosophy of Yoga. Sink deeply into your awareness, and be honest with yourself. Your contemplation, intuition, and practice will lead you in the right direction. Your life journey is your choice and yours alone. The calling to teach is deep and filled with passion for the art of Yoga. During challenging times, your passion may be all you have. The point is anyone who pursues any field should be prepared for the ups and downs of life. The challenging times will test all of us and test our reasons for becoming a Yoga instructor.


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