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How Yoga Helps Different Types of Trauma

500 hour yoga instructor training programBy Kimaya Singh

Traumatic events can leave long-lasting damage, but many survivors of trauma will benefit greatly from reclaiming their mind and body through the practice of yoga. This healing exercise can be used to treat both physical trauma and psychological trauma. While different types of trauma have different effects on the body and affect people in a variety of ways, yoga has multiple avenues of positive influence on the body. Therefore, it can be used to effectively treat the resulting effects of trauma on the body and mind.

Incidents of physical trauma, such as a car accident or violence at the hands of another person, leave visible and tangible signs for what could be a very long time. Even after the initial trauma heals, there are frequently smaller secondary injuries, prolonged pain, or even hidden injuries from the initial trauma that must still be addressed. Healing from trauma is something that requires an investment of time and effort, but people who select yoga as their treatment plan find that it works the best over time.

Muscle tearing, bone fractures, lacerations, bruising, and edema are common physical manifestations of trauma. This type of damage causes pain and discomfort, but yoga can be used to relieve both of these unpleasant sensations. The artful stretching involved in yoga improves blood flow to the skeletal muscle in the body, resulting in better oxygenation of the tissues and more flexibility in the muscles. Yoga promotes healing through improved circulation; muscle pain is relieved by this.

Chemical processes within the body begin to work at an optimal level of functioning when yoga is practiced regularly. This not only improves the overall health of an individual, which prompts more rapid healing of traumatic injuries, but is also largely responsible for promoting the release of stress-relieving hormones. Healing is a simpler process when stress levels are low. This is essential not only in instances of physical trauma, but also when an individual has suffered an event of psychological trauma.

Psychological trauma can sometimes be even more difficult to overcome than physical trauma. As the wounds are not physical, they will not simply heal over time. They must be nurtured and helped to heal. Yoga is an exercise that can be utilized in order to deal with psychological trauma. It also teaches healthy coping mechanisms when combined with meditation, which can be practiced by the patient when they are facing a difficult situation related to their trauma.

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