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Yoga For Peace Of Mind

Yogic techniques have been helping people train the mind since history was put into writing and most likely before that. The practical applications of yoga for humankind’s problems are infinite, but lets look at a few of the most rampant mental health issues and look at practical yogic solutions.

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How Can Yoga Help My Family?

Yoga is a way of living and not a religion; it aims to have a healthy mind and a healthy body. We are all in a mental, physical and spiritual being. It helps us to promote balanced development of the three aspects. Another form of physical awareness is to exercise, which can only assure only physical well-being, yoga comes in a different way.

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Finding Courage on the Yoga Mat

Taking the time each day to Journal some of these negating thoughts will help you to see these negative thinking patterns and beliefs more clearly. An easy way to begin to write down your thoughts on a daily basis is to set aside 5-15 minutes a day after your Yoga practice to simply let your thoughts flow onto the page, unimpeded by any self-censoring or judgmental thoughts.

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What are the Benefits of Heart Opening Yoga Poses?

If you have taken or seen a Yoga class you may have heard “Lead with your Heart Center” (or something else similar). The Heart Center in Yoga refers to the Heart Chakra. The Heart Chakra is the 4th of 7 Chakras (or Energy Centers in the body). These centers are often used as reference points in Yoga, Chinese Medicine, Thai Massage or other traditional healing methods.

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Yoga Teacher Myths

Yoga and India aren’t strangers, yet we find Yoga’s popularity suddenly spiking after it’s embraced by the west. It has become the thing to do to be fit with celebrities swearing by it. It is as if Yoga is a ‘novel’ concept or is reinvented by the west. After it has become the ‘in’ thing, there are two sets of people- the ones who do it and others who don’t. Most of people who do it, adopt yoga for life while the others don’t want to do it because of the myths around it or don’t know how.

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Ten Yoga Health Benefits

Yoga! It is not just a way to exercise, but it helps to improve immune system too. This fact is known about Yoga throughout the ages. The exercising techniques and the various postures used to perform this kind of art are externally easy and can be done anywhere anytime. Some efforts to learn such exercises can actually pay in the long run. It helps to maintain body weight, body shape, decreases the probability of heart diseases like stroke and blood pressure and also helps in curing diabetes and asthma.

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