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Hip Dysplasia – Yoga Exercises and Diet

The process of Yoga is to stretch and strengthen muscles. When considering Yoga for hip dysplasia, or any hip pain, be mindful of the method of Yoga you choose, in addition to being attentive to the individual Yoga moves. It’s important to move slowly and gently when building the muscles to support hip joints. Therapeutic Yoga, restorative Yoga, gentle Yoga, basic Hatha Yoga, or Anusara Yoga are examples of styles that hold postures. Unfortunately, Power Yoga, Flow Yoga, and Vinyasa, with their focus on a faster paced movement, are not advised.

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How to Stop Numbness Through Yoga

Through Yoga poses – such as neck stretches, chin tucks, pelvic tilts, and back stretches – help to reduce numbness and restore the…

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Yoga for Osteoporosis

For anyone with a pre-existing condition, a slow pace in a gentle Yoga class are the way to go. Yoga for osteoporosis is a viable…

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Teaching Modified Sun Salutations for Recovery

If a Yoga student is unable to stand or raise his or her arms overhead during the Sun Salutations, simply participating in the vinyasa through the breath will help to give your student a sense of inclusion in the class. Over time, the student may be able to stand and raise his or her arms overhead, and then flow into Standing Forward Fold.

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