Cultivating a Sense of Abundance in a Yoga Class

Cultivating a Sense of Abundance in a Yoga Class

become a yoga instructorBy Faye Martins

We live in challenging times. It can be difficult to cultivate a sense of abundance when we are constantly bombarded with news of economic downturns, political unrest, and natural disasters. However, it is important to remember that we always have the power to choose how we react to the events in our lives. One way to cultivate a sense of abundance is to focus on what we are grateful for. We don’t know what the future holds, but we can influence positive energy at the grassroots level in our classes.


Creating a Joyful Atmosphere

Whenever we feel negativity creeping in, please take a moment to think about all the things in our lives that bring us joy. This could be anything from the sun shining down on us during our yoga practice to the loving support of our family and friends. It is also important to take care of ourselves during challenging times. Once you establish a feeling of gratitude within yourself, it becomes contagious.

Teachers Need Self-Care Too

Make sure to schedule time for self-care activities that make you feel good. This could be anything from reading your favorite book to taking a long bath. We can’t lead classes on an empty tank. When we take care of ourselves, we send the message that we are worthy of love and care. Finally, remember that you are not alone. Many people are going through similar challenges. Engage yourself in a supportive community, whether online or in person.


Create an Abundant Atmosphere

In our culture, we are often taught that there is not enough to go around. We are constantly bombarded with messages that tell us we need to do more, be more, and have more. It’s no wonder many of us feel anxious, stressed, and depleted. However, it is possible to cultivate a sense of abundance in our lives. When we focus on what we have rather than what we lack, we open ourselves to receiving all the good life offers.

Positive Energy Explosion

One way to do this is to teach yoga classes to create positive energy. When interacting with your students, endeavor to fill them with good vibes. Smile often, give compliments, and make sure everyone feels included and appreciated. In addition to your verbal interactions, your non-verbal cues also send a message of abundance.


Body Language

Make sure your body language is open and inviting. Avoid crossing your arms or legs, making people feel closed off or uncomfortable. When you approach your yoga classes from a place of abundance, you’ll find that your students are more receptive and responsive. They’ll feel your positive energy, and inspire them to reciprocate in kind. Pretty soon, you’ll have created an overflow of positive energy that will benefit everyone in the room!


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Creating a Sense of Abundance in Yoga Class

By: Virginia Iversen, M.Ed

Ideally, each day should be filled with joy, peace, and abundance. As a way to honor and complement life’s abundance, it is also very uplifting to create a sense of abundance in your Yoga class. This abundance can come in many ways. Cultivating an internal and an external sense of abundance will help your Yoga students resonate with the highest energy. A peaceful, expansive sense of abundance will also help offset the consumer’s frenetic pace and social aspects of many gatherings.


Grow an Atmosphere of Gratitude

To create and nourish a sense of abundance in your classes, you, as a Yoga teacher, must first align your internal being with a sense of gratitude and abundance. A grateful heart and spirit generate a tender and expansive sense of fullness that will easily be translated to your students. There are many ways to fill your heart and mind with gratitude. Some teachers like to keep a gratitude journal, while others prefer to take a minute or two before class to bring to mind three things they are grateful for each day.

Be the Light

Light welcomes, and it gently guides. Your mind and heart are grateful for the abundance and blessings surrounding you. As a result, you will naturally help your students become grateful during Yoga class. Additionally, before your students arrive, you may wish to prepare the studio. You want the space to welcome them as they arrive instantly.


Create a Haven

You want the class to be an inviting and abundant space by ensuring the studio is warm, clean, and adorned with some objects of beauty and light. These objects may include statues, flowers, plants, and beautiful fabrics outside the studio doors! Essentially, you are inviting your students to resonate with the same beauty and peace by creating an atmosphere that honors each season’s beauty, serenity, and abundance.

Positive State

In addition to cultivating a sense of abundance through your positive state of mind and a nourishing atmosphere, you can also help your students to move into a state of abundance through the Yoga asanas you choose to teach. Back bending poses are some of the most effective Yoga poses for opening up the entire front of the body, including the heart and throat chakras. When these chakras are open, a sense of abundance begins to flow naturally. Back bending also dramatically increases the flow of pranic energy throughout the body, which will help cultivate a sense of abundant energy and well-being in yourself and your Yoga students.

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