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Yoga Props – Therapeutic Benefits

yoga propsBy Faye Martins

Some teachers have issues with the value of Yoga props. It may have occurred when they were indoctrinated at their first Yoga teacher training course. The reason is that a few Yoga teacher course organizers believe all interns should conform to the dogma of the style or the beliefs of the “head guru,” even if there is scientific proof that props will help students during practice.  Without bashing anyone who teaches Yoga, we can easily imagine instructors who demand, push, and force their students to do things on or off the mat. Some people need to control others, preventing students from reaping the full benefits of all that Yoga offers.


Tools of the Trade

Yoga is a profoundly beneficial form of exercise that is good for the mental and physical health of people of all ages and levels. Yoga props are generally considered to be any tools used in the practice of the exercise, such as mats, blocks, and pillows, and may be selected to fit the needs of the person using them. Tools of the trade – Props can provide therapeutic benefits for students of all levels. By supporting the body in different postures, props help to prevent injuries and make the practice more accessible. They can also deepen the experience of a pose, or simply make it more comfortable.


Purpose of Yoga Props

When used properly, Yoga props give the body greater support during poses, allowing them to be held longer and with significantly less difficulty. They also help to prevent injury and strain to the muscles since they can act as extensions of the body, allowing it to stay aligned. The longer the pose is held, the better and deeper the stretching, and the greater the healing benefits. The use of props is particularly helpful for beginners, who may not be able to maintain certain positions without assistance. With regular practice, props can help to improve strength, flexibility, and balance.


Restorative Yoga

Props are ideal for Restorative Yoga, as they can aid the elderly and people with joint problems, pregnant women, heavy people, and people with muscle weakness. Yoga exercises opening up the chest area are ideal for people with breathing difficulties and heart problems, as they promote blood flow and lung capacity. Restorative Yoga is a therapeutic style that uses props to support the body in various positions. This type of Yoga can be beneficial for those who have injuries or are recovering from surgery. It can also help to relieve stress and tension. The use of Yoga props allows the body to relax completely and allows the mind to focus on the breath.


Benefits of Props

People with ailments or limited range of motion can benefit greatly from the help of Yoga props. However, props can be beneficial to everyone, especially those starting. When you have something supporting you, you experience greater relaxation. Props can help anyone get into certain poses. They can also help you hold the pose for a longer time. Props can also provide support if you have an injury.


Where to Find Props

There are many places to find Yoga props. You can purchase them online, at a Yoga studio, or a sporting goods store. The props you will need will depend on the type of Yoga you are doing. If you are doing Restorative Yoga, you will need props such as blankets, bolsters, and eye pillows. If you are doing Yin Yoga, you will need props such as blocks and straps.


Stability Balls

One of the most popular Yoga props is the stability ball. Props are also helpful for relaxation and can provide a gentle massage during Yoga poses. Additionally, props stretch out, open up the body, and strengthen the core muscles to improve posture, breathing, and digestive health. Yoga props, such as stability balls, can have many therapeutic benefits. When used during yoga practice, they can help improve balance and coordination. They can also help to increase strength and flexibility. In addition, stability balls can help to improve posture and relieve back pain.

© Copyright – Aura Wellness Center – Publications Division


© Copyright – Aura Wellness Center – Publications Division

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