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About Online Yoga Teacher Training Intensives

online yoga teacher training courseBy Faye Martins

Online Yoga teacher training, and distance learning education, can be your ticket to a better life. Health and Wellness is a booming business in today’s tricky global economy. People are always looking for more ways to live healthier and longer. With the overall need to lose weight, perhaps gain weight, and reach a particular target weight, people have looked to several alternatives, such as dieting, gym memberships, and dance classes. This is where Hatha Yoga comes in. This Yoga of physical mastery is a great tool for people to practice, in order to gain more flexibility, balance, agility, and strength. Some styles, like Vinyasa, are viewed as a form of moving meditation. Those who have experienced the physical side of Yoga, tend to be more ready to take on the business of life, without letting life cause so much stress and tension.


The Online Education Option

The benefits of Yoga are tenfold, and online certification courses have risen to meet the demands of different people. A Yoga distance education course will help practicing students become certified to teach. With the business of health and wellness increasing, more and more people will look to programs that can provide online Yoga teacher training and development. Most people have obligations with family and work. Time is precious, and online courses make it possible for people to become a certified Yoga instructor in the comfort of their own homes. Online training, or distance learning courses, help coach would-be teachers into becoming qualified to teach Yoga classes. At the same time, interns learn business and marketing skills. A Yoga teacher, with marketing skills, knows how to get a fair price for his or her services.


Don’t Teach For The Money

Sometimes, I hear rich teachers say, “Don’t do it for the money.”  I’ve heard this line for over 20 years now! I agree, but one Yoga teacher diva was talking this up, while her fans were buying up her gear just outside the auditorium. Please walk the talk or stop talking and drive your Mercedes home. Here are the hard facts: People have very different financial situations. Some of us are single parents and some of us work a lot of hours at a job that pays a fraction of what it costs to make ends meet.


Side Hustle

Does everyone need a part-time job? For one thing, the cost of everything is going through the roof, but wages never seem to keep up with costs. Surely, employers will gladly tell you, “You’re lucky to have a job and you might not get medical coverage next month.” Granted, there are some people who are earning huge incomes, and they sleep well at night; but what about the rest of us? It is important to realize, that some of us don’t have a trust baby fund. If you do, then, you’re off the hook and you can go to Tahiti for your certification. Since money is no object, you can avoid online Yoga teacher training altogether.



Your Time

If you can teach Yoga, the possibilities to create more revenue are endless. Say a woman has a day job full-time. The typical hours of a day job run from 9 am to 5 pm. Now, let’s say that, depending on your location, people earn in the average range of fifteen dollars an hour. Yet, she still wants to earn a little more money, because her job only manages to pay the bills and buy the groceries. If she is able to teach Yoga, she may find clients at the place where she works. Let’s assume that she charges forty-five dollars per private session for their clients. Each session is usually only an hour because many people are busy. If this teacher is doing her marketing and has three clients in one day after work, she will have made $135 in three hours’ time.


Your Future

The path most often travelled is traditional teaching in the studios. Generally speaking, 90% of the opportunities are outside the studios. In brief, any place where people gather is an opportunity to teach. Health clubs, community centers, and corporate work lead the list, but the sky is the limit. Aura Wellness Center has a collaborative for teachers and they discuss everything, including getting jobs. For the purpose of exposing you to new opportunities, you should consider your options.


Online Opportunities

When you complete an online Yoga teacher training intensive, you’ll be able to teach your students from anywhere in the world. All you’ll need is an internet connection, lighting,  and a webcam. You’ll be able to see and hear your students as they practice, and they’ll be able to see and hear you as you give them instructions. After all, this type of training is convenient for both teachers and students, and it’s a great way to get started in the Yoga teaching field.


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