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Yoga Beauty Secrets – You Can Start Today

Yoga beauty secretsBy Faye Martins

In the modern world, we strive to find happiness in our bodies and minds through exercise. Yoga beauty secrets emphasize balancing your physical and mental health by including the techniques we practice in a session. Learn how to enjoy the process of developing inner beauty with Yoga today. When we continue posturing, meditating, and controlled breathing, we are cultivating beauty within the core of our being.


Celebrate Your Inner Beauty with Yoga

Yoga is an innovative system that is more than the enhancement of physical health and mental well-being. Each of us learns the lifelong benefits of Yoga that help us to focus, feel connected with ourselves, calm nerves, relieve stress, and improve mood. Look at people who worry all the time. Sadly, some prom queens in high school have worried their looks away by the time they reach their 30s. In contrast, “late bloomers” tend to be grateful and happy most of the time. Gratitude is a Yoga beauty secret and it can clearly be seen.


Gratitude for Inner Beauty

“Happiness Is an Inside Job: Practicing for a Joyful Life,” by Sylvia Boorstein Ph.D. is a great book, but the title is perfect. So many people take life and their loved ones for granted. They have the power within to take control of their lives and they let daily opportunities slip through their fingers. As a result of negligence, their family and friends disappear. Simple things, like “I love you” or “thank you,” make people happy. When you make people happy, you become happy.


Yoga for Happiness

So, we’ve all seen beautiful people. However, if wake up every day in a bad mood, it gives our looks a beating. It’s a matter of the habits we form over time and the results that affect our health. You don’t have to start Laughter or Face Yoga. You can practice gratitude all day long. “Thank you” can be practiced as a mantra. You can also practice it as a silent mantra because the practice produces positive energy in silence. When you think positively, it shows up on your face and it looks good on you.


How Yoga Can Improve Your Appearance?

Well, we know water is good for your skin and there’s a water bottle next to every mat in the average class. However, it’s not one factor alone that improves your appearance. Making choices such as drinking less or no alcohol, no smoking, and moderate sun exposure are good for your skin. Using natural moisturizers daily is also a good practice. All of these practices fall under good hygiene, which is part of cleanliness. Saucha is mentioned within the Yoga Sutras, which were written by Patanjali and Saucha means cleanliness.


Tools of Prevention

Believe me, if Patanjali were around today, he would advise all of us to use a natural moisturizer. My suggestion is Argan oil, but there are many other great products these days. While you are out in the sun, it would be wise to wear a big hat. The sun is doing damage to our skin. As a result, we consciously work on prevention. Times have changed, but Yoga was originally developed for prevention, longevity, and wellbeing. Therefore, we make use of every tool available for our Yoga beauty secrets.


Mental and Emotional Beauty

We always talk about meditation and pranayama for health, but we rarely think about practicing for beauty. Well, this beauty is created inside the mind first. Of course, with consistent practice, meditation and pranayama relax the mind, which releases inner beauty. Additionally, the music you listen to during practice also creates deep relaxation. You can add music to your list of Yoga beauty secrets.


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Yoga Unlocks Beauty – You Hold the Key

Helena Lucas

What qualities do you long to perceive in yourself? Do you feel that you can only change ‘that’ much of you? If this is so, you are not yet familiar with the fundamental truth of Yoga beauty secrets: “The body is the temple of the spirit, conceived in the image of its maker.” Through consistent yoga practice, students soon become aware of the infinite power and beauty of their own individual bodies. Indeed others around will be quick to perceive “something different” in you- be sure to share your secret with them. Yoga’s breathing, stretching and meditation exercises promote optimal physical and mental health that shows.


Enhanced Detoxification

Yoga’s ingenious postures trigger positive changes in your metabolism and functioning of your endocrine, circulatory, respiratory, digestive, reproductive, and urinary systems by direct stimulation of organs and glands. The Shoulder Stand stimulates your thyroid gland, having an important direct positive effect on weight regulation. Yoga breathing techniques (pranayama) are designed to trigger the burning of excess body fat, enhance detoxification processes and expulsion of toxins through our breath, and prove extremely effective for tension-relief, promoting a relaxed state and elevated awareness. Charismatic people transmit beauty through this irresistible combination of positivity, humility, and self-confidence.

Healthy Chemical Balance

Positive changes in your mood and stability, and improved well-being, are essential factors contributing to your choice of foods that have a desirable effect on your organism and keep a healthy chemical balance in your brain. Awareness of your body’s response to different foods is crucial in unmasking food allergies that place an unnecessary burden on your organism.



Intensive Firming

Toning of your muscles from head to toes is achieved in yoga by holding poses for extended time durations (as with the Locust for firming your legs, the Bust Exercise for firming and developing your chest and bust, or the Bow for firming flabby areas of your back), by attaining postures in slow motion (as with the Slow Motion Firming for intensive firming of the abdomen and thighs), and by executing fast-paced routines in a rhythmic flow to encourage flux and reposition of somatic energies (as with the Sun Salutations). Yoga breathing techniques are extremely powerful in developing your abdominal wall.

Unprecedented Flexibility

As well as working on your figure, yoga exercises promote the beauty of your complexion, as does the Lion by firming the muscles of your face and neck, and healthy appearance of your hair, as does the Scalp Exercise. Still, yoga goes further to enhance your beauty. Its techniques, inspired to some degree by stretches seen in our feline friends, will impart unprecedented flexibility to your spine, and this you can maintain throughout your life. An ancient yogic adage claims “You are as young as your spine is flexible”. As you develop an erect posture and gain poise and balance in your movement through yoga exercises like Rishi’s Posture or the Dancer’s Posture, you will feel a youthful spring return beauty to your movements, blended with growing confidence and stability.


Clarity of Mind

In terms of evolutionary theory, it makes perfect sense: healthy in and out is beautiful, the law of the fittest. It is no secret that a great part of admired personalities turns to yoga beauty secrets and meditation for health, inspiration, clarity, and alertness of the mind. You too owe yourself to embark on this journey to your unprecedented wellness.

About the Author

Helena Lucas is qualified in psychology and is engaged in the practice of alternative healing techniques and treatments. She has traveled throughout Europe and Africa to care for rescued chimpanzees in primate sanctuaries, always sharing her bed with her two cats Fairy and Aisha on board. Be it in the jungle or metropolis, Helena greets each sunrise through Yoga for strength and motivation. To open your life to ancient techniques that will have you shining in no time. Begin your yoga beauty secrets and life becomes an adventure.

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