Yoga and Dance Expression For Children

Yoga and Dance For Children

Yoga and dance for childrenBy Dr. Paul Jerard, E-RYT 500, YACEP

A combination of Yoga and dance for children is the perfect activity. Finding fun and group dynamic activities for children can be tough, but Yoga and dance classes are the answer to your prayers. Did you know that, when used in combination, different forms of exercise like Yoga and dance can give children unforgettable experiences? Yoga and dance exercises are helpful in providing strength for young children who become tired when playing. Children, in these classes, learn to become aware of their bodies and natural breathing. They will also learn concentration during Yoga, which helps them with restless minds.


Dance Expression

The practice of dance expression leads to physical benefits in targeted areas, but can also have other positive effects. These insights assist people in understanding how dance helps turn anger into happiness, fear into confidence, or lead the way to self-esteem.

Group Dynamics

Yoga and dance for children involve them in group dynamics. Each part of the class helps children cope with group dynamics. Ultimately, working together contributes to developing their understanding, collaboration, and respect toward each other.


Decrease Aggression

Yoga and dance for children help with their concentration, increase strength, and decrease aggression. Practicing in activities that teach creativity has also been shown to have benefits of reducing anxiety in children. As a result, these classes help them gain esteem for themselves and learn to be confident.

Coping with Stress

Yoga and dance are ways for children to develop themselves, whether through learning skills to cope with stress, or learning how to dance. Yoga and dance are phenomenally expressive arts. Structured for children, these classes are a fun, creative way to develop cognitive and social affective skills.


Benefits for Life

It is important to keep children active, and there are many benefits of Yoga for kids. Yoga helps your child achieve physical, mental, and social well-being. The practice of Yoga and dance has many benefits including improved flexibility, confidence, concentration, and lower stress levels.

Preparation for Life

Yoga and dance are beneficial for children in many ways. Yoga teaches children how to act or react in different life situations. It also helps them build self-confidence, relieves anxiety, boosts their energy, and increases focus. The breathing taught in Yoga can help kids regulate their energy when they are feeling anxious or frustrated.


Preparation for School

Yoga and dance enhance physical flexibility, helps kids become more aware of their bodies, and teach them to use all muscle groups. Additionally, this promotes strength and gives kids a competitive edge. Teaching Yoga not only provides ways for kids to be healthy and strong; it has even been shown to help children do better in school.


With an increase in attention, children can better focus and concentrate at school. Several studies have noted that due to lessened distraction, kids with higher attendance tend to get better grades than others. Those children who practice Yoga are more mindful, which helps improve their concentration.


Life Skills

Yoga and dance are fantastic tools for boosting self-esteem and confidence. Yoga teaches children to persevere, be patient, and work toward their goals. Moreover, it helps children to be mindful, compassionate, focused, strong, and flexible. Therefore, these are life skills that will serve children well throughout their lives.


Yoga is an effective way for kids to balance their minds and bodies. Teachers and parents, want kids to act with mindfulness, inner calm, and compassion. Yoga and dance can help reduce stress, which allows kids to better handle whatever life throws at them. After a session of movement mediation, children feel refreshed.


Creating Positive Habits

With Yoga and dance, kids of all ages can reap the benefits of a physical routine. Teachers often report that autistic children who practice Yoga improved their aggression, anxiety, and social skills. Yoga can help free up space from the stress that is otherwise compressed by hyperactivity.

Whole Body Development

Yoga and dance foster self-expression in young children, indirectly encouraging healthy expression of thoughts and feelings. The practice or physical experience within these arts also helps relax their muscles. Children learn the value of warming up, stretching, moving, and cooling down. Furthermore, the science of movement will enhance their abilities in sports and academics.


Fun Activities

Engaging children in fun movement activities, like dance and Yoga, means they will be getting healthier right away. Dance has the power to impart physical well-being because it provides a way for children to express themselves without fear of judgment. We know that kids learn best through exploration. Therefore, it is rarely successful to force children into rigidly structured classes where they don’t feel at home.

Social and Emotional Growth

For some children, dance and Yoga can be the perfect outlet. Some students will only become engaged in their studies when they know they can commit to their passion. Furthermore, we need to encourage this kind of motivation through healthy movement. Other kids may join a group and find social-emotional growth that wasn’t possible before. You don’t just teach them how to move: you help them grow as individuals.


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  1. Yoga and dance for children are very interesting and creative ways to develop psychomotor, cognitive, and social effective skills in children. Thanks for sharing this wonderful article.

  2. Using dance expression as an extension of the yoga class increases the possibilities for play, imagination, self expression and creativity. Its really valuable posting, Thanks for sharing.

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