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Teaching Private Yoga in a Student’s Home

Teaching private yogaBy Faye Martins

Teaching private yoga in your students’ homes is about personalization. It allows you to cater to the student’s individual needs, both physically and emotionally. There are many benefits to this method. Additionally, it helps provide variety and gives you feedback on how your students need more support. Lastly, teaching private yoga classes helps maintain the student’s long-term motivation.


Online Ideas

Just think: In the privacy of their own home, you can teach them online. Not all beginners are ready to practice yoga in a studio. For some people, it feels too intimidating or public to take their first steps on the mat. However, students can get the same benefits of yoga every day, in privacy! Yoga instructors can learn how to teach safe yoga at their student’s homes.

Creating a Safe Environment

You always want to be sure that your students are practicing the yoga poses at the intensity level that is right for them. It’s also important to keep an eye on things like how easily they can reach their feet and ankles when practicing Forward Bend Pose. If this proves difficult, they need your support so they can release their abdominal muscles and lower back muscles without their joints taking the brunt of the position. Ensure that there are mats and pillows for each person in your group.


What Should Teachers Know?

In case of an emergency, teachers should heed safety considerations. As always, it’s useful for teachers to be current with their CPR training. Teachers should be aware of potential dangers linked to student health, the surrounding environment, and the students’ home life. If you’re going to a private residence then let your family members know. In case you have to be reached, it’s helpful for your family to where you are. It’s also helpful for them to know that you are teaching a yoga class at a client’s property.

Family Classes

Whether you teach online or in a home, some clients will want their children to participate. While this might seem like an attractive option, student safety is a priority. For example: Are you trained and certified to teach children? At the same time, it’s important to teach in your comfort zone. When parents are first exploring this option, it is important to discuss safety with the entire family first. Unlike working with adults, children don’t know their physical limits and they may take risks.


Outside Class

There is the option to practice outdoors, depending on the weather or your student’s family obligations. For years, those who practice at home have been stuck in four walls, chasing that elusive white light, and the pitter-patter of little feet (or paws). Well, say goodbye to the fixed rules of indoor classes! Yoga outdoors is a beautiful tapestry of colors, sounds, and fresh air. Uniquely, classes outside give students a taste of freedom, while they practice in familiar surroundings.

Outside the Box

Many yoga teachers are exploring creative ways to expand their current clientele, and one method that is seeing a surge in popularity is teaching private yoga classes. The private in-home class has worked for personal trainers for decades, so why shouldn’t it work for teaching private yoga classes? As great as this new teaching opportunity is, there are some pros and cons that should be taken into consideration to ensure a fair price for teachers and students alike.


About Fees

When setting fees for teaching private yoga classes, care must be taken to make it worth your while as a teacher. Initially, it might seem like teaching in the home of a student is basically the same as teaching in the studio, but travel and setup time should be accounted for. Even driving just a few miles each way can easily end up taking a significant amount of time. Gas prices are also an issue and may limit the geographical range a teacher is able to serve. In order to be worthwhile for a teacher, the rate per private class should cover mileage and travel time, in addition to compensating for the time that could have been spent teaching an entire class of paying students.

Fairness in Pricing

Most students understand the need for higher costs and are more than willing to pay a fair amount for the undivided, individualized experience that a private class offers. Teaching private yoga classes in a home is a very different experience than teaching in a studio. Yoga studios have lots of free, open space that is perfect for laying out yoga mats and getting right to work. Few homes have rooms devoid of furnishings, and this physical or visual clutter will need to be worked around. Most rooms have ample space for one individual to practice yoga, but they may not have enough room for two or more. Routines will be established within the first few private classes, and this will make future classes run smoother and faster.


About Pets

Depending on the behavior of pets, and the teacher’s past experience, animals can be present in a successful class. After all, there are pet yoga classes, right? Pets can be another potential obstacle that teachers may have to deal with. When teaching private yoga classes in a student’s home, be prepared for the unexpected. Depending on animal behavior, it is reasonable to request that students kindly crate their dogs prior to the start of the private class. Of course, this will prevent any unpleasant run-ins between the yoga teacher and territorial dogs.

Wide Reach

Offering private yoga classes gives teachers the opportunity to teach a wider variety of students. Many shy and private individuals are too uncomfortable to attend a class in a yoga school but would love to have the instruction needed to go deeper into the practice. Private classes fill this need. As we continue to embrace yoga in the years to come, in-home private classes will become more and more commonplace. Teachers who embrace this trend will help bring yoga to more people than ever before.


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  1. Many shy people love to have the instruction needed to go deeper into the practice but feel uncomfortable to attend yoga class, Private classes fill this need. Thanks for nice posting.

  2. I agree about teaching private yoga sessions in a home being a very different experience than teaching in a studio. Thanks for giving us a lot to think about and filling in the blanks for this subject.

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