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Yoga for Coping with Loss

500 hour yoga certificationBy Sangeetha Saran

Can Yoga help for coping with loss? Everyone at one time or another has to cope with the effects of loss. Being a comprehensive way of life with a history that spans thousands of years, yogic philosophy has some very strong guidelines for helping sufferers of loss learn to cope. Simply applying yogic teachings during times of loss can help prevent any loss from becoming completely overwhelming.


Perception of Life

One of the most damaging parts of coping with loss is the tendency of individuals to regard feelings of loss as being permanent and insurmountable. In extreme cases, the mind can reinforce these natural feelings and amplify them further. Left unchecked, feelings of loss can create negative consequences that echo throughout the life of an individual. When dealing with grief, we realize the end of a relationship, but Yoga contains a toolkit of life skills. Yoga for grief helps us get through each day.


Looking Within

One of the highest yoga training methods is that of self-examination. Through introspection, yoga practitioners analyze their feelings and put them into proper perspective. Due to the fact that yoga focuses intensively on the root causes behind certain feelings, this form of introspection can provide even the most grief stricken individual with hope. Yogic meditation, while not an instant cure, provides a glimpse of life beyond loss. It’s important to realize this glimpse is enough to illuminate the path toward moving beyond loss.


Stages of Loss

There are many stages of loss. In the earliest and most profound stages it is not always possible to objectively apply yoga as a coping mechanism. During this time, the simpler techniques of breath control are most helpful. Repetition of simple breathing exercises gives the mind and bodies something to focus upon other than loss.


Mantra Practice for Coping

Mantras and/or affirmations are also productive when coping with loss. When feelings of worry and sadness arise, simply repeating a familiar mantra can help to break the cycle of negative thinking. With this in mind, mantras have the added benefit of being easy to practice in any situation.


Techniques of Yoga for Grief

Another key point is any method, such as: Yoga for grief can be applied as a means of coping with loss. Asanas relax the mind and body, pushing negative thoughts away. Pranayama techniques serve to increase self control. Even simply reading, studying or contemplating yogic philosophy can reduce feelings of loss and improve a person’s overall outlook. The reason being, you are giving your mind another task instead of grieving.


Moving Toward Positivity

Sometimes, the effort of coping is as tough as the loss itself. To clarify, eliminating the effects of coping with loss may never be possible. In these cases, it is still possible to improve the outlook and disposition of a person in grief. As a result, applying yoga training to real life situations is a useful way to deal with traumatic events. Ultimately, when we choose to wake up each day with gratitude, the day is moving toward a positive outcome. Consequently, positive results are steady, but slow. Yoga for grief can be an uphill climb, but recovery gets closer with each day.


Living On

Successfully eliminating the negative consequences of loss requires adopting a new philosophy. Unless the underlying negative habits that contribute to depression and sadness are eliminated, there is always the chance that negative habits will return. If coping with grief is our situation, helping others is a good start toward recovery.


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