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More Mantras for Kundalini Yoga Practice

mantras for kundaliniBy Faye Martins

The practice of Yoga is complete with many beautiful and sacred mantras for kundalini. The mantras for kundalini that are practiced during a Yoga class are intended to activate and purify the seven vibratory energy centers along our spine, the chakras. The chakra model belongs to the ancient tantric wisdom lineage of Kundalini Yoga. The first chakra resides at the base of the spine and the seventh chakra is located at the crown of the skull.


Each chakra is correlated with specific glands and organs in proximity to the chakra’s location in a particular region of the physical and energetic body. Different personality traits and emotions are also correlated with the different chakras. According to the wisdom of Kundalini Yoga, repeating a sacred mantra internally, or externally, shifts the energy in and around you.

The more you repeat mantras for kundalini, the stronger the vibration becomes and the more able the vibration is to activate your chakras and cleanse the mind of any negativity. As we begin to regularly practice mantra repetition, the mantras begin to vibrate at a deep energetic level. These sacred vibrations not only activate our chakras, they also help to clear away stagnant energy, opening a pathway for the awakened Kundalini Energy to ascend up to our crown chakra. The mantras also help to cleanse the negativity from our minds.


Each chakra is said to correlate with a seed or Bija mantra. According to this tantric wisdom tradition, the following Bija mantras activate specific chakras. The first chakra is correlated with Lam, the second with Vam, the third with Ram, the fourth with Yam, the fifth with Ham, the sixth with Om and the seventh with the peace of silence. You may wish to choose one Bija mantra to repeat for a period of time in order to activate, balance or cleanse a specific chakra. You may also want to coordinate the repetition of certain seed mantras with specific yoga asanas in order to gain the most benefit from your practice.

The practice of repeating seed mantras during a Kundalini Yoga class is part of the very fabric of the practice itself. Mantra repetition is based on the ancient art of Naad Yoga or the Yoga of the divine current of sound. Naad Yoga puts the practitioner directly into the current of Divine Grace and assists the practitioner in recalibrating his or her body and mind to be able to hold the energy of God’s love.

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  1. The mantras that are practiced during a Kundalini Yoga class are intended to activate and purify the seven vibratory energy centers along our spine, the chakras. Thanks for posting this helpful article.

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