How to Educate Prospective Yoga Students

How to Educate Prospective Yoga Students

prospective yoga studentsBy Faye Martins

How can you educate prospective yoga students? You don’t have much time to capture the attention of anyone these days. People are distracted by the beeps and chirps of electronic devices. Therefore, when prospective yoga students seek you out for information about your classes, you must be prepared.

Many in the yoga industry feel uncomfortable with the business aspect of their practice. Even so, most who find themselves following the path to teaching yoga still need to earn an income. As a studio owner or teacher, one way to be more successful is to convert the curious browsers into regular yoga practitioners.

How to Explain Benefits to Prospective Yoga Students

To be successful in explaining the benefits of yoga to the walk-in neophytes, you may want to consider a well-planned marketing approach. One good idea is to create an information package for your studio. Computers and printers make it simple to put together a professional looking marketing package for prospective students.

Your folder should include the following:

1. Supply the information about your studio, a personal biography, and the class schedules.

2. Add a list of past or future events such as workshops, just to give them an idea of what is available.

3. Include two or three articles about yoga written by yourself or anyone that explain the benefits of yoga and why.

4. Include a page with links or even better quick response codes that scan to a couple of formal studies explaining the benefits of yoga.

5. Offer a free class coupon. Make sure all free classes are gentle beginner classes so as not to scare away the prospective client.

6. Include testimonials from regular clients describing the benefits the practice has brought to their life.

7. A diagram sheet showing a few simple postures is also a good idea.

8. Include a personal business card, which includes your name, studio address, and website address.

9. If possible, try to create a striking visual cover for your packet.

Give the student the packet and offer them a cozy place with good lighting and a cup of tea to look over the materials. Make sure they know you are available to answer any questions at all.

If you have the time and they seem relaxed, you may offer to give them a 10-minute quickie introductory sample class, which includes one or two postures and a breathing technique. During this process, explain the benefits of what you are showing them. It is much easier to digest information by doing than by telling.

By now, you will have developed a rapport with the prospective student and they have a beautiful packet of information to refer back to explaining the many benefits achieved by attending your yoga classes.

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