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Yoga Studio Policies for Preventing Harassment

The yoga studio should be a place to focus solely on the practice. By ensuring the space remains quiet and contemplative, you can reduce harassment complaints. Make sure students know that they should not bring loud or disruptive devices into the studio. This means no cell phones, tablets, or MP3 players. To ensure your students remember this rule, post signs outside the studio for them to see upon entrance. If a student is being disruptive, use gentle reminders to ensure the studio stays a comforting and meditative space.

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Tips for Observing and Assisting Yoga Students

Leave your own mat when possible. Do not stay at the front of the class the entire time, but rather walk through your class. Offer suggestions to your students’ poses such as modifications or advanced moves when the poses allow. Remember that all of your students will progress through the poses at their own pace and may require modifications based on their own needs. Your students will thank you for the individualized attention you can give them during the class.

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How to Market a Successful Yoga Studio

Perhaps, one builds the business on the side, teaching yoga during evenings and weekends while working a more conventional job. There is no one right way to get your business off the ground. And, of course, the business model you choose will expand over time.

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