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Yoga and Weight Loss Tips

weight loss tipsBy Sangeetha Saran

Are there any weight loss tips to be learned from yoga? Being overweight is a condition that many people grapple with. The negative effects of weighing too much can include serious joint problems, diabetes and heart issues – just to name a few. Researchers and doctors tell us that reducing calories and engaging in regular exercise can help people lose weight. Adding Yoga training to your life can have additional positive effects. One of the strongest benefits to regularly practicing Yogic techniques is developing the mind-body connection. This valuable connection can help to change the way people look at food. It can also help to enhance a more positive body image instead of a negative body image – something that is important for everyone, not just people who are overweight.


Walking, running and other aerobic activities are excellent cardiovascular workouts that can help burn calories. Adding Yoga to the mix can help enhance the weight loss tips – especially if it’s Power Yoga. But even for novices that are just trying Yoga for the first time can benefit from a gentler form of Yogic exercise. Flowing through the asanas, while synchronizing your breathing, can help to build the all-important mind body connection that Yoga is known for.


If doing Power Yoga is not an option right away, don’t lose heart. Losing weight is a process – a methodical process that doesn’t happen overnight. Some people may need to start out with a gentle class that emphasizes slow stretching and maybe some meditation. But as the weight comes off, energy levels tend to rise. Power Yoga might be just the solution that can help the process along. Losing fat, building muscle and adapting to a healthier lifestyle are wonderful goals to have – and practicing Yoga can often enhance those goals.


Discovering healthy habits such as eating better and incorporating exercise are essential to a weight loss plan. Learning how Yogic methods can help and strengthen the mind-body connection can help to make that plan a way of life. Plus, Yogic exercise has a number of other health benefits that can include lowering blood pressure and stress levels. And because stress is often the culprit behind weight gain, it makes sense that decreasing our stress can help to decrease our weight. Taking that first step and realizing that Yoga can be a valuable tool for weight loss is definitely a step in the right direction towards living a healthier life.  The relationship between Yoga and weight loss tips are like a hand and glove.

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