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A Sample of Yoga Mantras and Their Benefits

yoga teacher trainingBy Sangeetha Saran

Yoga teacher training covers many aspects, including mantra. Mantras are words or phrases used in Yoga. They can be chanted, repeated softly, or repeated silently. They are used for many purposes in Yoga such as for meditation and healing.

Yoga mantras can be derived from any language and can have different meanings than what one would normally associate the words or phrases with. Mantras, when used appropriately, can have a significant influence on well-being.

Om is considered one of the most important mantras. Om is said to be the sound of the infinite. Contained within it are all the scriptures of the world. It is used at the beginning of meditation as it helps focus the mind.

Om namo is often repeated before addressing a particular deity. Om retains its significance as first mentioned. Namo means to appreciate, honor and to be humbled. So, these sounds together literally mean: “to give thanks to.”

Om namo ganeshaya is used at the beginning of an undertaking to bring about success by removing obstacles.

Om namo lakshmai is associated with prosperity in all aspects of life including the financial, emotional, and spiritual areas of life.

Om namo shivaya is the tranquil insight to meditation that expels all negative qualities.

Om namo narayana is repeated in times of trouble to bring harmony and balance back into life. This is a powerful mantra that can also help one achieve Enlightenment.

The use of mantras have many benefits. Mantras used during meditation helps to clear the mind of all worldly thoughts so as to help one focus and meditate. Paulji states: Mantra serves us as a blanket of sound during meditation.”

Mantras have also been known to have healing powers. The deep vibration felt during the chanting of mantras helps to cleanse the mind and body. They can have a profound effect on the internal organs, helping them to function more efficiently.

Mantras have been known to improve digestion, blood circulation and heart rate. Mantras can help one in overcoming mental or emotional problems, which can elevate one’s mood. They are also great for alleviating stress and bringing about a relaxed feeling. The extended benefit of this is that one can achieve a sound sleep, waking up feeling refreshed, and be ready for the next day’s challenges.

Due to the immediate physical and mental benefits brought about by practicing mantras, overall general health will improve. You should set aside time each day for meditation and practice the the use of Yoga mantras. You will see your health and life improve as you continue this practice.

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